Bagger is one of the protagonists and Secret Neighbor kids' classes.


He's a short kid. He has a yellow jacket that covers most of his mouth when worn. Under the jacket, he has a purple shirt. Has an orange backpack that lets him store more items. He wears striped jean shorts with some type of chain on the side of it. He also has quarter length socks with 2 blue stripes on the top of it, and red sneakers.

His appearance can be changed thanks to the daily shop, or rather the things that are sold there. Some are complete outfit changes, or palette changes. They can be bought by Coins.



With the help of his backpack, he can carry a lot of useful stuff with him. He has 3 item slots. If he keeps all of the item slots full for 120 seconds, he gets an additional slot.

Heavy Bones (Passive)

If Bagger gets grabbed by The Neighbor, he will slow down him because of how heavy he is.

Strong Knees (Passive)

Allows Bagger to suffer 20% less fall damage.


  • Bagger's halloween outfit refers to Kenny McCormick, a character originating from the show South Park.
  • His Christmas outfit seems to be some sort of Skiing outfit.
  • His abilities do help the team very much with the help of his passive abilities. He's also very useful against The Neighbor, because of his additional 1-2 slots, fill them up with a bunch of throw able things that hurt The Neighbor when thrown at.
  • We currently don't know what his real name is
  • Bagger has an unusually dark voice when he take's damage.
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