Beatrix (full name not confirmed) is the second protagonist in Hello Guest.


Beatrix works at the Golden Apple Amusement park, protecting it from vandals.


She has red hair, a heart shaped teal eye patch with a closed eye drawn on it, a yellow neck handkerchief, same jacket as Ike but smaller, a kitty button on her jacket, a tattoo on her right arm, and a watch on her left arm.


  • This is another character who has a watch, the rest are Scout, Theodore Peterson (in Hide & Seek), Nicky Roth, Mya Peterson (in Stage 1), and Quentin
  • This is the second character we can play as in Hello Guest Alpha 1.
  • In the game, she does not use the keys on her belt, it serves as a decorative item.
  • She is missing one eye, that's why she wears an eyepatch.
  • Although she sees only with one eye, the gameplay is not affected.
  • Beatrix has a van, it can be seen in the cutscenes and at the beginning of the game.
  • The cat pin she wears is an easter-egg to the artist of the game Elena Berezina (aka Sharandula).


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