Beatrix is one of the protagonists of Hello Neighbor 2.


Hello Guest Alpha 1

Beatrix works at the Golden Apple Amusement park, protecting it from vandals. She is one of the characters that we can choose at the beginning of the game. (The other being Quentin)

She seems to be a brave person, as in the scene after the Hello Guest Alpha 1 ending (during the cut to black), she fights off the Man in the Hat


She has red hair, a heart shaped purple eye patch with a closed eye drawn on it, a yellow bandana and a blue suit with a belt on it. She also has a little kitty pin-up on her jacket, a tattoo on her right arm, and a watch on her left arm.


  • This is another character who has a watch, the rest are Scout, Theodore Peterson (in Hide & Seek), Nicky Roth, Mya Peterson (in Stage 1), and Quentin
  • This is the second character we can play as in Hello Guest Alpha 1.
  • In the game, she does not use the keys on her belt, it serves as a decorative item.
  • Although she sees only with one eye, the gameplay is not affected.
  • Beatrix has a van, it can be seen in the cutscenes and at the beginning of the game.
  • The cat pin she wears is an easter-egg to the lead artist of the game, Elena Berezina (aka Sharandula).


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