Beta 3 is the version that came out just a couple months before the final version came out. It features The Neighbor's birthday and is nearly identical to Alpha 4. It is the tenth and final Early Access version of the game.

Unlike Beta 1-2, Beta 3 is more refined. Many rooms now look different. The house has 8 floors and 20 rooms (in Release, in Act 3 - 24 rooms). The windmill has been changed too. they added a command console but it broke.


  • Some room looks are now different.
  • The generator at the train stop is now moved behind a gate.
  • The basement now has a slightly different design. The Thing replaced the Neighbor in there.
  • Train speed was reduced.
  • Tire model look was changed. (Only the object that can be picked up)
  • Fear Factory was removed and the super throw became the default ability.
  • A new boss battle was added. This is the battle with the Giant Neighbor. The Thing battle wasn't introduced until the full game.
  • There are new rooms: Birthday room, a room with a cake by the train tracks, and a CCTV room.
  • Added a new puzzle: Cake/Mannequins. It rewards the player with the toy rifle.
  • The Birthday room replaces the room with a bunch of furniture and covered furniture where the keycard was.
  • Elevator Ladder is now separated into three ladders instead of one.


  • It has a very similar function to Act 3.
  • The same cutscene was used from Beta 1 where Nicky drives to his house. It is the one where the car has no doors and trunk.



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