The boxes are objects in Hello Neighbor, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, and Secret Neighbor.



Boxes can be found everywhere in large numbers - in the courtyard and the house of the Neighbor. This is done specifically so that the protagonist could build a ladder from boxes into inaccessible places in the house and get there. This is clearly visible in Alpha 4.

Alpha 4 has a new box model, an open box. It can also be carried as the previous view. The closed box has become a little cartoony.

In Release, an open box has been modified. Now it is filled with white glue and various things, including a basketball, a mug, a candle stand, a glass jar of glue and a lid from this jar. Now, due to the fact that the box is not empty, the player can stand on it normally.


First appeared in Alpha 2, in the corridor of the House of Neighbor, in the next versions it was near the house, near the fence.

Appears as a large box of "lost things." “Lost things” means things that somehow fell under the texture.


  • In Alpha 2 and Alpha 3, the box of lost things in Russian is called “Lost and Found”, and in Alpha 4 “Lost Things”.
  • On the box before Alpha 4, the numbers 18/04 were written.
  • In Alpha 2, when a player falls under the texture in a pond, he appears in the Lost and Found box.
  • In Release 1.1.6, a box from the electronic lock was added. The box is near the box "Lost things.
  • At first, the boxes were conceived to overcome obstacles. But players found other ways to do this.
  • Interestingly, in the Prototype, you can find a tall box. The box is found only in the backyard of the neighbor's house.
  • Boxes anger people in all sorts of ways.



Lost And Found Box


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