Brave, also known as Maritza Esposito - is one of the protagonists and Secret Neighbor kids' classes. She is Detective‘s younger sister.


She is a short girl. She has lilac hair hidden under a pink cap. Two strips are drawn under the eyes with grease, also known as warpaint. Dressed in a pink T-shirt, blue pants with suspenders. She wears red sneakers with white short socks and black finger-less gloves. Along with it, she has knee pads, and pads for her elbows. She carries a bat bag on her back.

Her appearance can be changed thanks to the daily shop, or rather the things that are sold there. Some are complete outfit changes or palette changes.

Strategy (With)

Keep in mind that you do not start out with the counter strike ability at the start of the match and that it must be charged up by throwing objects at Theodore so if possible make sure to have objects available in your inventory. If you see the neighbor immediately start throwing objects at him to power up the counter strike ability.

Strategy (Against)

Maritza can be tough to catch due to her counter strike ability so make sure you catch her before she can throw enough objects at you to power it up.



Hit Theodore 3 times with any object and get the ability to escape while being held by Theodore, stunning him in the process.

Baseball (Passive)

You can fend off any objects coming right at you.


  • In short stories and in the manual she is referred to as Maritza Esposito.
  • Maritza also has a brother named Enzo Esposito
  • Her Halloween costume is a reference to one of the characters in SpeedRunners. This is the second reference to this game, the other one is the chocolate bar.
  • Her cap existed way back to the Alphas. There used to be a cap that instead was green, instead of pink. The green cap was exclusive to the Alphas.
  • Prior to the release of Secret Neighbor, she had only one ability - her Counter-Strike ability. In the Easter Alpha, the ability had a cool down, and in Beta, in order to use the ability, it was necessary to throw objects at Theodore 4 times.
    • Her passive ability, Baseball did not exist until the full release.
  • Her surname, Esposito actually comes from Spain, which may hint at the fact that she's Spanish.
  • Her baseball bat is unusually small when using it for the Baseball ability.
  • She was good friends with Mya Peterson
  • Her Alias that she calls herself is “Cheetah” as said in the TV Pilot Episode of the Hello Neighbor Animated Series
  • In the Book “Missing Pieces” she is in a photo with Mya and Lucy but Maritzas skin is darker, this may have been a mistake or maybe it’s the early version of what tinyBuild wanted Marit’s to look like


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