Chairs are important objects in the Hello Neighbor series.



First appears in the Prototype Trailer. This is an ordinary chair with four legs and a back.

Alpha 2

Has a different model. In the Neighbor Test House, in the kitchen you, can find a new kind of chair.

Alpha 3

Among the rubble you can find a new intolerable version of the chair.

Alpha 4

Adds chairs with a new look, but the old ones have not been removed.

Hello Guest Alpha 1

Some chairs can be found in the guard building but they are useless.

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1

They have the same usage as in Hello Guest Alpha 1 but they are in different locations.


  • It is possible to block doors from being opened from one side on LMC, but after a few seconds the Neighbor will still open the door, with the sound of breaking the door. Some chairs will spawn this way, preventing Nicky from going in that room that way, forcing them to find another way.
  • Before the doors were remodeled, when the neighbor would bang on the door, the whole door would fall over and be unusable. This was removed when the doors were remodeled.



It is located in the bedroom, in the Closet Room (Pre-Alpha), in the garage, near the stove and among the things of Nicky Roth.

Alpha 1

It is found near the grave, in the classroom, in the hall (second floor) and among the things of Nicky Roth.

Alpha 2

In the tutorial you can find in the kitchen, in the bedroom and among the things Nicky. In the game - in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the attic, in the basement and under the basement floor, which will support the door.

Alpha 4

Now it is still found in the room in front of the Gate, in the room with steps, in the room with a pipe, in the Depot, in Fear School. No more changes.

Beta 1 - 2

It is found in Nicky Roth's Apartment No more changes.

Beta 3

It is found among the things of Nicky, in Nicky Roth's House, in the basement and in the final battle. No more changes.

Full Game

You can meet in any act, in the house of Nicky Roth.

Secret Neighbor

They are found in large numbers in Mr. Peterson's House.

Hide & Seek

There are several chairs in each stage.

Hello Guest Alpha 1

Some chairs can be found in the guard building.

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1

Several chairs are in Mr. Peterson's House, in the backyard there is a place where the spawn, also chairs are scattered around the map.


  • Theodore could only support the doors in the Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1. In other versions, the Neighbor did not use them at all, although some doors were supported by a chair from the very beginning of the game.
  • If you try to back the door with a large or small chair (using the ChangeSize command in Alpha 2 and Player Size in the Cheat Engine for Beta 3), then the chair will return to its original size, as by default, its size at support is x, y, z = 1.0.
  • Only the front door in Nicky Roth's House in Beta 3 cannot be supported with a chair.
  • The function to support the door also has an armchair.
  • In Alpha 2 there was a board that had the function of a chair. In fact (assuming that it had a chair icon in it's inventory), this “board" is a chair with a modified model.
  • In Alpha 1, Mr. Peterson backed the door, breaking down to such an extent that the doors flew off with a hinge. In future versions, this has been removed.
  • In Pre-Alpha, the Neighbor could not break open the doors backed by a chair.


  • From Alpha 4 to Beta 2, the chair did not get up tightly after clicking E on the door, and it could be pushed, but the door remained closed. It was fixed in Beta 3.
  • Starting with Alpha 4, if you put a chair on Nicky's respawn, Nicky will appear in the place where he died. It also works with an armchair.


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