The Clown is a character class for the Neighbor side of the game Secret Neighbor. He was first introduced during the Summer Beta. The Clown is one of the three classes in Secret Neighbor.



The Clown has the Ability to turn into objects at random. There is no way to select a prop. Clown's Camouflage will be limited to Event Specific Items during those times (For example, during Christmas he will be limited to Presents, during Halloween he will be limited to Pumpkins, etc.).

Smoke Bomb

The Clown has the Ability to throw a Smoke Bomb which hinders the Kids Vision and slowly deals Damage over time. Smoke Bomb lasts for 20 seconds and the Cooldown is also 20 seconds. 

Confusion (Passive Ability)

When a Kid escapes the Clown's Grip, He (the child) is Blinded for 3 seconds, allowing the Clown to grab him, or use that time to grab another Kid, or stack up and beat down the Kid again.


  • The Clown is based off a concept art of Hello Neighbor where the Neighbor is dressed up like a Clown.
  • The Clown's Halloween Skin is a Jester
  • In the Secret Neighbor beta trailer, the clown is seen as a silhouette before he drops under the bed. Brave notices there are two glowing eyes blinking for a few seconds. Once it stops, the clown crawls out and chuckles before catching her off-screen. While chuckling, his eyes seem to roll around in different directions before he widens his eyes and mouth. This has been featured as an emote.
  • It is also worn by the Neighbor in the cover of Puzzle Master.
  • in a early roadmap of the game coming for 2021, he is wearing an Guest costume. pretty interesting..


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