The Crow is an animal that appears in Hello Neighbor, Hide and Seek, Secret Neighbor, Hello Neighbor 2, Hello Engineer and the Hello Neighbor TV Show.


The crow is a small black-feathered bird with yellow claws and eyes. In Hello Engineer and the TV Show the appearance of the crow is slightly altered. The crows there appear entirely black.

Concept Art

The first time a crow appeared was in a concept art of Mr. Peterson holding a shovel standing before a grave. Two crows also appear in the concept art of Mr. Peterson standing in his kitchen holding a butcher knife.


Alpha 1

There are several paintings of a crow in Mr. Peterson's House.

Alpha 1.5/Alpha 2

At the beginning of the game, when the Nicky Roth moves into his new house, the crow is seen stealing the key to the house. In order for the crow to drop the key the Nicky needs to throw an item at it.

In the main game, a crow sits in the attic in a cage and croaks loudly if it sees the Nicky. The noise gains the attention of Mr. Peterson.

Alpha 3

A crow can be seen on the greetings sign in the intro cutscene.

Alpha 4 - Beta 3

Multiple crows appear in these builds. They can be seen in the intro cutscene. A few of the crows are sitting in trash under the greetigns sign. One of the crows can be seen on the lost and found box located in front of Mr. Peterson's House.

Full Game

The Full Release also features mutltiple crows. One of them can be seen sitting on a wardrobe in the game's menu. The other can be found in one of the dream sequences on a billboard. Crows can also be seen at the beginning of Act 3 standing on the greetings sign.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek

Crows appear in every stage of Hide & Seek, if you press the “I am stuck” button in the pause menu a short cutscene will play with a crow picking you up.

Secret Neighbor

Crows help children by appearing in rooms where keys are. Since the Halloween Alpha, they will only do this if less than three children are remaining.

Hello Neighbor TV Show

Crows appear to be purple, they look passive however the crows with red eyes are aggressive and will attack people.

Hello Guest Prototype

A Cardboard cutout of a Crow can be found in the panic room.

Hello Guest Alpha 1

The Crows appear in the intro cutscene (no matter which character you chose at the beginning). They also appear in the sky flying around.

Hello Neighbor 2

Just like in Hello Guest you can notice a flock of crows flying high in the sky. Unlike previously they will also help you to find lost objects.

Hello Engineer

While it is still unknown if the crows serve any purpose in Hello Engineer they can be seen on key-arts for the game.


  • While the textures may have been modified, the model used for the crow in Hello Neighbor is a stock model.
  • Crows frequently appear during storms in the books.
  • The people in the town of Raven Brooks are referred to as "The Crows" while the Forest Protectors are referred to as "The Ravens".
  • The crow's model has never been remade, excluding Hello Engineer.
  • In the original game they have a yellow beak, making them look more like a Blackbird.


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