Theodore Peterson Cutscene

There are a few other versions of The Neighbor that are only used for cutscenes or animations in the game. NOTE: Cutscene neighbors aren't actually different characters, they are all the same neighbors, just with different mechanics.

​Alpha 1

​ Carnival Neighbor

There is a variation of the Neighbor used in the hiding tutorial where he closes his eyes and counts while the Protagonist finds a way to hide. He will catch you if you linger too long, hide in the wardrobe, or do not find a place to hide before he stops counting. If you manage to get him out of the map, he will start throwing tomatoes, but they do not work, as he is not supposed to be outside the map. He is absent if you teleport to the carnival area.

​ Introduction Neighbor

There is a variation of the Neighbor in the opening cutscene looking at the Protagonist as he drives to his new house. He is only used for animation purposes.

​ Basement Neighbor

There is another variation of the Neighbor in the cutscene where he opens the basement door, presumably crashes his car, and comes back out. This can be "seen" in-game files After that, he will be present in the Neighbor's second house located in the neighborhood, which has invisible barriers blocking it. He will be frozen after the cutscene.

​Ending Neighbor

There is another variation of the Neighbor present in the ending when the Protagonist opens the Exit door. He closes the door, catches the Protagonist, and buries him alive. He is under the map before the cutscene, also frozen.

​ Pre-cutscene Neighbor

There is another variation of the Neighbor before the cut scene with the basement door in the alternate house (where all the cut scenes occur). He is present at a part of the house. He does not attempt to catch the Protagonist even if he stands in front of him. He is breathing and slightly moves on the spot in the house.

Other Builds

Crying Neighbor

There is a variation of the neighbor used in multiple cutscenes that seems to be crying, one of these scenes is the hospital scene from the final release of the game. He is also seen crying whenever he was throwing his victim in his basement.

Jumping Neighbor

This neighbor is found outside the map probably used for animation

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