Detective, also known as Enzo Esposito is one of the protagonists and Secret Neighbor kids' classes. He is also Brave's older brother.


He looks like a boy with black hair and eyebrows and brown eyes. Hair tucked in bangs. Enzo wears roundish glasses of black color, wearing white in a red sweater, and under it is a white shirt, and underneath a purple tie. He has jeans on with a brown belt, and on the left side, there is a small brown pocket. Also on the right, there is a small gray badge with a magnifying glass.

His appearance can be changed thanks to the store, or rather the things that are sold there. You can change:

  • Outerwear
  • Pants and shoes
  • Hats (most often glasses and hats)
  • Accessories (camera, badge, and pocket)


Field Intel

When pressing the activate ability button, you get a photo of a random key that's somewhere in the house, it shows props and other things that may seem familiar to the player. You would need to find the location that the key is in.

Intuition (Passive)

After collecting 4 keys with the help of Field Intel, a random key will start to highlight.


  • Enzo is taller than all of the kids, the second largest one is Trinity.
  • Enzo has a sister, Martiza ( information from Theodore notebook).
  • He is in a relationship with Trinity by book 2, but was nervous to ask her out in book 4 (which book 4 is before the nicky trilogy).
  • Enzo and Trinity seem to be the older kids in the squad.
  • In the Alpha for Secret Neighbor, he used to have painted nails. This was removed in the Beta and full release.
  • Enzo loves to play basketball, but Nicky despises sports, as stated in the books.
  • In the books, Enzo has a hard time believing Mr. Peterson is evil.
  • In the Launch trailer of Secret Neighbor, Enzo is Mr. Peterson in disguise.


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