Diane Peterson, also known as Mrs. Peterson, is the wife of Theodore Peterson and is the mother of Aaron and Mya Peterson.


Diane Peterson was a nice woman. She was a kindergarten teacher at the Raven Brooks Elementary School. She sometimes questioned her husband's actions, but still loved him. As a former dancer, she sometimes danced with her daughter, Mya. She cared for her family. She kept a phone book by the kitchen window, which is where she smoked. She had a exercise book and watched volleyball on TV.


Diane has red hair and blue-green eyes. Her nose is small and she looks young. Her light blue dress has white polka dots on it and she wears yellow high-heels.


Raven Brooks

Diane and her family moved from Germany to Raven Brooks to escape an accident that happened. One day, they were questioned by two men who came to investigate the Germany accident. Diane welcomed them in but they left shortly after, yet keeping an eye on them. She decided to find a lawyer, but couldn't afford one. Due to the luck devices Theodore used, Diane was able to get a lawyer to help clear the Peterson's name.

Car Crash

In 1995, Diane met Nicky Roth, her son's best friend. She got worried once Theodore was talking to Mya about the human body.

Later, while Diane and Theodore were driving, they crashed into a truck, killing Diane. She had her funeral at Theodore's House, and Mya was not present, due to the funeral being shortly after Mya's death.


Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek - 2018 (Neck Down)

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek - Launch Trailer - 2018

Hello Neighbor: Missing Pieces - August 30th, 2018.

Hello Neighbor: Bad Blood - December 26th, 2019.

Hello Neighbor: Grave Mistakes - August 4th, 2020.

Hello Neighbor: Puzzle Master - December 29th, 2020.


  • This character was confirmed in Hello Neighbor Act 3 (In a hidden room)
  • Her face can only be seen in the trailer on the publisher's YouTube channel, tinyBuild, in the Secret Neighbor Film reels, and in the book "Missing Pieces" with a different hairstyle
  • In the beginning of Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Diane is humming the Super Mario Bros. theme.
  • Might have survived In the hospital for a short period of time before passing away


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