Doors are important objects in the Hello Neighbor series.


A door is a hinged or otherwise movable barrier that allows ingress into and egress from an enclosure. In Hello Neighbor, doors separate rooms in Mr. Peterson's House. In the Prototype, Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1, doors were made out of wood and have brass door handles. In Alpha 2, the doors became cartoonish. It has the look of a door made of several boards. The door and the frame also have loops to hang a lock on them. The doors themselves now began to look simpler and crooked. In the door, there were keyholes and slightly different handles of silver color. You can look through the keyhole.

In Alpha 3, the double doors were removed, as were all realistic. There is physics now for the door. At the same time, the sound of the doors changed. And there were orange doors. Except the coloring is no different. Red doors were also removed from the game. In the game there was a door with a yellow coloring - it's the basement door. In Alpha 4, all the doors became wider, and the red door returned, but it became wider. Now two orange doors began to make sense: If you open, and if you go into the room behind them, Nicky Roth will get into new locations. There are also doors that open either during the day or at night. And also there was a door from Nicky Roth's Apartment.

In Beta 1, keyholes were missing in all doors (despite this, keyholes can still be looked through). Also, the doors, opening at a certain time of day, are very stretched. At the door there was an approach, so that you could not see the seams of the floors near the rooms. In Beta 3, all the doors were fixed, as well as the door from Nicky Roth's Apartment that can be opened and closed, as well as a new door leading to the Nicky Roth's bathroom.

Two new doors appeared in the full game: One is a double door found in the nightmare in the hospital, as well as a door that is found in the main menu, in a nightmare with announcements, as well as the final door of the basement in Act 1. There are three new doors in Secret Neighbor: Double barn door: The double doors are made of many boards connected by nails with two loops at each door. Doors with electronic locks: They are highly secure doors with a wooden door frame. The door around is made of metal and wood. There is also an electronic lock in the door itself. Basement Door: The door is a modified door from the full game. However, it differs from the original door: it originally has three snaps and three loops. It's also interesting that it has a red door frame, as opposed to a brown one, as in Hello Neighbor (before the release the frame was white). The door is a transition to another room. The door can be backed with a chair to block Mr. Peterson, and the chair can be placed only on the side in which direction the door opens. If there is a lock on the door, it cannot be opened without the right key. Sometimes, the door can be closed just like that. Alpha 2 has an opportunity to look into the keyhole. This way, Nicky Roth can find out about the door without opening it.


Normal Door

It has a white or red coloration. Some of them may be locked or stooled. Others open under special conditions. There is also a door leading to the pantry in Alpha 1 and a door from the shed to Alpha 2, as well as a door to the second floor of Nicky Roth's House. There are doors in strange places:

  • There are doors to nowhere: in Alpha 1, in the children room on the second floor, adjusted by a chair; in Alpha 3 and subsequent versions, in a room with paintings and in an empty room.
  • Starting with Alpha 3, the game has an inverted door leading to the depot.
  • Starting with Alpha 3, the game has doors in the floor: on the second floor in the CCTV room through surveillance cameras and in an empty room.
  • In Alpha 4, the door in the floor on the second floor does not work fully, because the hole is not wide and is designed for the door from Alpha 2 - Alpha 3.

Double Door

White or red. Last time was in Alpha 2. You can open one or two at once. Alpha 2 is closed until the board is removed. In Secret Neighbor, there is a double door at the barn. You can't prop it up with a chair.

Iron Door

Appeared in Alpha 2. At first it was a door from the basement, but in the following versions became the door from the room with water.

The Alpha 4, the iron door became a little wider.

In Beta 1, the door was actually usable.

Orange Door

It has an orange color. Appeared in Alpha 3. There are only six of them in the game (4 in Beta 3 (Act 3 of The Release), and in Release, Act 1 - 1) and 1 of them is the basement door.

Apartment Door

It has a brown color and a hole for letters. Appeared in Alpha 4. In Beta 1 became part of Nicky Roth's House. The new door model has been added to Beta 3. The similar can be seen in the room with the pool.

Basement Door (Secret Neighbor)

It looks like an ordinary chestnut-colored door with a protected protection attached (boards, iron). At first it was only in the release and it could not be opened, but later the door began to be used as a door to the basement in the game Secret Neighbor. It could only be opened when all six locks on the door were locked.


  • In Alpha 1, if you back a door with a chair and Mr. Peterson wants to go into it, he breaks the door with the chair. The door will no longer be able to be used, but it can be moved and it will be designated as a green apple.
  • In subsequent versions, Mr. Peterson's ability to break down doors is replaced by a simple knocking out chair that prevents the door from opening.
  • Mr. Peterson can not break out the door in Pre-Alpha, so if the player locks themselves in the closet room, Mr. Peterson will not be able to get into it.
  • If the player often uses a door, Mr. Peterson will put a trap next to it or put a bucket of water over the door.
  • In the Neighbor_3 Test House there is an old art style door from the Prototype to Alpha 1.
  • The Mod Kit has a door icon that the idea was originally meant to be used in Alpha 1. It is now used in Secret Neighbor as a sign of a secretive door to Mr. Peterson's Secret Room.
  • After the doors were updated, there were cracks between the door and the door itself.
  • When you look into the well, the approximation is animated. Because of it, you can for a moment see the room in a greater angle than through a well.
  • In Secret Neighbor, doors can open in any way (except for the basement door and the double barn door).
  • Previously, for breaking down doors, snouts, Mr. Peterson would beat the door three times. Starting with Beta 3, he does it four times.
  • In the first versions of Secret Neighbor, the door, which was snared by a chair, was broken for 8 strokes. By counting this number through the chur large, the developers reduced this number to 4 strokes in both Beta 3 and Release.
  • In Pre-Alpha there is small locked door in the strange room trying to open it isn't possible but it works same like other doors.


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