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Dynamic Pixels is a Russian video game development team, founded on July 7, 2004. In addition to creating and promoting their own games, they are currently in joint partnerships with tinyBuild, Zeptolab, Disney, Lenovo, Samsung, and more...

Not much information is known about them.


Mobile Games (iOS & Android):

  • AquaPhone (2008) is a "Tamagotchi" type game in which you manage fishes and their aquarium;
  • WirelessTanks (2008) is a topdown combat game in which you control a tank;
  • BioSim (2009) is a game in which you have to take care of your many plants;
  • Snake it! 3D (2009) is a combination of the classic "Snake" and "Zuma" games;
  • MewSim (2009) is a "Tamagotchi" type game in which you take care of your pet cat;
  • AquaPhone 3D (2009);
  • Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers (2010) is a game based on the animated series "Chip & Dale rush to the rescue";
  • StarSim (2011) is a management game in which you take care of a girl who wants to become a superstar;
  • MewSim iQuest (2011) is a continuation of "MewSim" with quests elements;
  • Hungry Cats (2011) is an "Angry Birds" style game with "MewSim" characters;
  • Pick a Piggy (2011) is an arcade puzzle game with fun characters;
  • Club Lab (2011) is a business management game in which you have to manage a nightclub;
  • DogSim (2011) is a remake of "MewSim" but you take care of a dog;
  • Jeweleon (2012) is a brick breaker game in which you have to align blocks of the same type;
  • Bubbeleon (2012) is a "bubble shooter" type of game;
  • Goal Defense (2012) is a "tower defense" type game;
  • Party King (2013) is a remake of the game "Club Lab";
  • My Om-Nom (2014) is a "Tamagotchi" type game with "Om-Nom", a character from the "Cut The Rope" series;
  • MewSim [rework] (2016) is a reworked version of the original "MewSim" game with better visuals and more gameplay;

PC & Console Games (Xbox One, PS4, Switch):

  • Hello Neighbor (2017) is the company's first PC game developed since 2015 and published in 2017, also released on console later on;
  • Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek (2018) is the second game in the "Hello Neighbor" franchise


  • A prototype of the game "MewSim 3D" was being worked on in 2013 but was then abandoned, although, some assets were taken as inspiration for the assets in the game "My Om-Nom".
  • On july 2020 some of their employees had to leave to work on Eerie Guest Studios