Fear_Darkness is one of the three Fear levels. This one takes place in a dark, huge pantry, where you must work your way up to the top using the shelves while eyes stare out of the darkness at you. When beaten, it unlocks the double-jump powerup.


The entrance to Fear_Darkness is located in the box dangling off of the side of the house. To access it, you must use the umbrella and jump from the windmill platform and float onto it.


The Fear_Darkness is a dark, oversized pantry. Like all other fear levels, everything is oversized and disproportionate. The room has one massive door, along with many shelves against the wall, stocked with canned food and non-perishable items. Blinking, glowing eyes stare out from the darkness as you climb to the top. The shadow man also can be seen watching the player from under a desk with a horseshoe on it.


Fear_Darkness is primarily a parkour level. Most of it involves jumping between shelves to higher ones. Once the top is reached, the level suddenly becomes proportionate and smaller. The pantry is lit up, and the watching eyes are gone. The level then comes to an abrupt end, giving you the double-jump powerup.

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