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I lived down the street from a house that burned down once. It was a space heater or something, and everyone got out okay, but the house was completely torched. Just like this... place... looks...
Nicky Roth

The Golden Apple Amusement Park is a location in Hello Neighbor 2.


The Golden Apple Amusement Park is a place right outside the main area of Raven Brooks. The blueprints for the rides were designed by Theodore Peterson and the park was built with the help of the Golden Apple Corporation. Aaron Peterson witnessed some on-site accidents during the construction of the park.


Security Building

The Security building is where Quentin and Beatrix begin their shifts. They store their tools in their respective lockers and watch the park.


Small houses. Kiosks are most often attacked by vandals. Above each tent there is a post with a red flashlight, which turns on if the tent is broken.

The Golden Apple Circus

There is a circus where performances are held. It is near the center of the park.


Apple Picker Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel is shown on the main menu of Hello Guest Prototype and the Hello Guest Alpha. It is red and has many carts on it and yellow lights. Theodore rode on the Ferris wheel with his family once.

Rocket Ship Ride (Apple Saucer)

The Apple Saucer destroys the wall containing Mayak in the Hello Guest Prototype good ending.

Weather Station (Mayak)


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