Hello Neighbor TV Show - an animated series of Hello Neighbor.





On March 9, 2019, a picture of Mr. Peterson's House, was shown in a painted form.

Secret Films

Six films were added in the Secret Neighbor Easter Update (there are 3 films on each card). They showed small animated excerpts from a future series.

Pilot Episode Announcement

From April 9-12, 2020, screenshots from a future series were published on Discord. Later, on April 13, a test pilot episode of the series was announced, which will be released on tinyBuildGames on YouTube on April 17, 2020. An excerpt from the episode was shown on Twitter.

Episode 1

The full pilot was released on YouTube on July 24, 2020. Before this date, it was for Members only.


Season Series Episode Name Realese
01 01 Breaking & Entering
17 April 2020 (Short)

24 July 2020 (Full)

01 02 TBA TBA


  • According to Alex Nichiporchik, the series has a connection with novels and Hello Neighbor 2, which means it is canon.
  • In the series, and at least in the first episode, there are a few inconsistencies that do not where the first game, Hello Neighbor.
  • Theodore Peterson's house outside looks like a house out of the game, but inside doesn't.
  • Nicky Roth's house is very different from the house from the game.
  • The whole city in the series is different from the city in the game.
  • Many parts were cut from the first episode, which reduced the length of the episode from 22 minutes to 6 minutes. Some of them can be seen in teasers, and the full version of the episode tinyBuild showed in YouTube Club. Later, on July 24, the full episode was officially shown.
  • Many people theorize that the end of the Test Pilot introduces the beginning of the events of Secret Neighbor and the end of Act 1 though it plays out a little differently




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