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Administrator applications for the following are stated:

Keep in mind any of the following can be selected by a bureaucrat even if they do not fit the criteria perfectly IF the bureaucrat decides that the user would be a good fit regardless. Also, this applies to the Hello Neighbor Wiki Discord Server. You keep the roles you have in the sever and Wikia.

Format your application as such:

  • The rank you are applying for
  • How long you've been on the wiki
  • How many edits you have
  • What your skills are
  • Why you think you should get the rank



  • Has been an admin for at least a month
  • Has 1,000 edits.
  • Has exceptional editing skills and perfect use and knowledge of templates
  • Has some coding knowledge
  • Has at least 100 good edits
  • Trusted by another Bureaucrat


  • Has been a rollback or chat mod for at least 1 week
  • Has been on the wiki for at least 2 weeks
  • Has good grammar and spelling skills
  • Has at least 30 good edits


  • Has at least 10 good edits
  • Has good grammar and spelling
  • Has been on the wiki for at least 1 week

Chat moderator:

  • Has at least 10 good edits
  • Has good grammar and spelling
  • Has been on the wiki for at least 1 week
  • Knows basic rules and guidelines of chat and how it works

Things that disqualify you:

  • Horrible spelling and grammar (no use of the word "u", no misspelled words, no acronyms, etc)
  • Vandalism (If you've vandalized at least once, that's enough for us to disqualify you)
  • Harassment (If you've harassed other users on this wiki in the past)
  • Unreliable (If we feel like you will accept the rank and then leave for long periods of time)

Things that can demote you if you already have a rank:

  • Any of the disqualification elements listed above
  • Abuse of power (Goes without saying, if you abuse your power in any way, and harass others, you will be demoted)
  • Extreme inactivity (If you have been inactive for at least 3 months, you will be demoted automatically)
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