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This page contains the Hello Neighbor Wiki's user conduct guidelines. It describes what is considered good editor behavior at this wiki.

Guidelines For Good User Conduct

These are general recommendations for user conduct, but excessive violations may be enforced with administrative actions.

  • Speak Out: If you find something that can be improved, improve it and encourage others to do so also.
  • Be Polite: It's not only important what you say but mainly how you say it. Be civil when talking to other people and treat them with respect. Wikis are built on cooperation.
  • Assume the Best: Do your best to assume that other editors are trying to help unless you have reasonable evidence to prove otherwise. Accidents happen, and not everybody has a lot of experience with editing a wiki or any article in general.
  • Use Edit Summaries: Edit summaries are there to explain your changes - use them when you have reason to believe they might be needed. It helps with getting everybody on the same page and prevents conflicts with other editors.
  • Leave Messages: Communicate with your fellow editors and readers. If an issue arises, admins are there to help- please contact them in the event they are needed.

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