Imbir is an NPC character in Hello Neighbor 2.


He looks like an ordinary pet cat with a knitted hat on its head.

First appeared in Hello Guest Alpha 1, and back then had no function other than being an aesthetic.

The second appearance is in Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1, which is on a bench near the lake. However in Patch 6, he now wanders the map.


Prior to Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 Patch 6, Imbir was an aesthetic / Easter egg on the map(same in Hello Guest Alpha 1). However in Patch 6, he is given a new behavior. Imbir will walk around the map, occasionally sitting to lick himself. Each time he moves, h randomly decides where to go.


  • In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha’s 1 6th Patch, Imbir was given behavior and new animations. They have been given the ability to wander the map.
  • Imbir is implied to be the one writing out Patch 6. Imbir would add his own little comments, but says he can’t read due to being a cat. However, he can perfectly write as stated above, assuming tinybuild didn’t write for him.


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