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Imbir is an NPC character in Hello Neighbor 2.


Imbir is a cat with a knitted hat on its head, it is unknown who knitted her hat at this time.

Imbir first appeared in Hello Guest Alpha 1 on the balcony area of the panic room, and back then had no function other than just sitting there as an aesthetic.

Imbir appeared again in Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 sitting on a bench near the lake. However in Patch 6, she now wanders the map occasionally stopping to look around the area.

Imbir returns in Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5 with the same functionality but is now wearing a Rudolph costume.


Prior to patch 6 of Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 , Imbir just sat on a bench near one of the houses (same in Hello Guest Alpha 1 where you could find her sitting on the balcony in the panic room). However in patch 6, she was given proper behavior. Imbir now walks around the map, occasionally sitting to look around in an idle animation. Each time she moves, she randomly decides where to go. A small error was present in patch 6 where Imbir's speed didn't match up to the speed of her walking animation. When an unknown update released (presumably patch 7) Imbir moved slower, making her walk cycle sync better to her walking animation.


  • In the Hello Neighbor 2 announcement trailer, Imbir appeared on a windowsill in the Guest's house.
  • In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1's 6th Patch, Imbir was given behavior and new animations. She has been given the ability to wander the map.
  • When patch 6 released, in the changelog it was stated that Imbir would be taking over the patch notes for the game (ironically no patch notes were released after patch 6), in the post Imbir says she can't read, because she's a cat but proceeds to list the changes anyway.
  • In the latest Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5 patch, Imbir is now a in a Rudolph costume.
  • In the musical plushie of the guest, if you push his baggie it meows, which might mean Imbir is the guest's pet!


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