The Inventor - is one of the protagonists and Secret Neighbor kids' classes.


He's a decently tall boy. He has ginger, disheveled hair. The Inventor has brown eyes. He wears a pale purple jumpsuit with a strap and gold accents, he wears an orange shirt with a short sleeve and a gear image, he wears black gloves and red glasses. He is also wearing orange boots. He also carries a hammer and pliers with him.

Also, his appearance can be changed thanks to the store, or rather the things that are sold there.

You can change:

  • His T-Shirt
  • Jumpsuit
  • Shoes
  • Hats and Tools.



With the help of this ability, he is able to craft certain items. To craft them, he needs an amount of gears:

1 Gear - Hammer

2 Gears - Flashlight Saucepan

2 Gears - Level 1 Keycard

3 Gears - Level 2 Keycard

8 Gears - Toy Rifle

Reverse Engineering (Passive)

After he collects 6 gears, he's able to open passages that The Neighbor can only access, such as blocked off entries that lead into a room. However, this might make others think you're the neighbor.


  • The Saucepan is something you wear in order to protect yourself from someone trying to hit you. You lose the Saucepan when you get hit, and what's left of it is it being crushed.
  • The Flashlight Saucepan was a new type of saucepan added to Patch 5. It has a flashlight strapped to a saucepan and it's durability is 2 hits.
  • Inventor's hair color doesn't seem to be natural, since his eyebrows are brown, and his hair is red.


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