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In the Hello Neighbor Universe, there are quite a few jobs in Raven Brooks.



Being a journalist is popular in Raven Brooks. These people write for newspapers, magazines, etc. and prepares broadcasts.

Journalists in Raven Brooks

  • Jay Roth (Raven Brooks Banner)
  • Enzo Esposito (Raven Brooks Banner)
  • Miguel Esposito (Raven Brooks Banner)
  • Quentin (Raven Brooks Mirror/WCR4)
  • Chet Biggs (Channel 4 News)


As a teacher, you teach your class at a school. You give lessons to your kids.

Teachers in Raven Brooks

Security Guard

As a Security Guard, You Guard Something you're Assigned to Protect.

Security Guards in Raven Brooks

Jobs will be continued


Engineering/Lock Picking

Raven Brooks is full of creative people who love to engineer.

People who love to engineering in Raven Brooks

Hobbies will be continued