The Leader, also known as Trinity Bales - is one of the protagonists and Secret Neighbor kids' classes.


Trinity is a tall girl, with black hair, along with some pink pearls embedded into it. She wears a white buttoned shirt with a purple V-neck vest on top of it, and a pink skirt with black tights. She wears white quarter length socks with some type of Mary Jane shoes, and carries a red bag with "Simming Posters", and an air horn.

Her appearance can be changed thanks to the daily shop, or rather the things that are sold there. Some are complete outfit changes, or palette changes. They can be bought by Coins.

Strategy (With)

Make sure to stay close to your teammates in order to boost the team work ability and blind Theodore.

Strategy (Against)

Stay in kid form when chasing Trinity as when you use Inspiration. She will also give you a speed boost, and once you get close, turn into Theodore to catch her. She will probably not be alone as she will want to charge her team work ability, so try to get her while she is alone.



Any child who is within a 10 meter radius gets a fast speed boost, a very useful ability if you want to outrun The Neighbor fast. With the help of this ability, she is able to remove all of the negative effects on the kids. If a kid is knocked, she can instantly revive them.

Team Work (Passive)

Staying close to teammate(s) for 12 minutes grants the activation upon this ability. Next time you use Inspiration, The Neighbor gets blinded when he is within a 4 meter radius of you.

Stress Resistance (Passive)

Stun time is reduced by 50%.


  • In the launch trailer, Trinity was the only one who didn't go missing, she breached the basement in time before Theodore caught her.
  • In the Halloween Update for Secret Neighbor, she was dressed as a witch. In the Christmas Update, she was dressed as a postman. She also got a Christmas sweater appearance, which may be based on the Secret Neighbor Christmas alpha.
  • The Team Work ability usually doesn't take 12 minutes, if you would be close to only one child, then it would take 12 minutes. But, if you're in a group of kids, then this ability will charge up faster.
  • Since she's a book character, she appears in the Hello Neighbor Show, in the test pilot, along with Enzo, Maritza and Nicky.


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