Man In The Hat is an unknown character from Hello Neighbor 2.


He looks like a short man, dressed in an outfit that hides his face.

He is dressed in a dark blue sweater, black vest, pale brown trench coat with dark buttons, dark striped pants, and black shoes. He wears a very large dark hat, which is even larger than the character's head. He also has pale yellow glasses with black lenses that hide his eyes. His sweater hides his mouth. He also has a small nose of a triangular shape. Underneath the mask, we can see that the man has his eyes closed all the time and has a "shaped" beard.


Hello Guest Alpha 1

At the end of the Hello Guest Alpha 1, after Quentin (or Beatrix). In an extended version of the cutscene provided by WaneScottGames, the Man In The Hat appears to arrest Quentin but stops when he notices the Guest running behind his car and hides there. He pulls out a Space Spray (according to the files). In the files, there are more animations with the name "Alpha 2" at the start. In these animations, we can make out that the Man in the Hat sprays the Guest and then sprays Quentin (or Beatrix). He can also appear in-game. He is seen to wait for the player's arrival, but due to the player not arriving in time, he gets in his car and leaves.

Hello Neighbor 2

The Man in the Hat can be seen throughout the map in this game. He is on a trolley in the main map, watching from a distance. After the game has been completed, he can be seen in the background.


Secret Neighbor

Appears on the bulletin board, in one of the photos after one of the game's patches.

Then he appears as a secret character in the game and he hides among the bushes behind the fence.

He also appears in the recordings for the projector, where he grabs Quentin.

Hello Neighbor 2 (Hello Guest)

For the first time, he appears on the teaser with Mr. Peterson's House, where he just stands next to it.

He then appears in Hello Guest Alpha 1, where he appears during the entire game. First, he drives in the background in his car in the first cutscene. Then he watches the player the whole game: either he comes by car to the mountain and watches from there, or comes to the second floor of the white building and writes in the petition what the player does, or watches Quentin/Beatrix from behind the tree while the player is in the store. And in the last cutscene, he catches the player.

In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 he can be seen on one of the funiculars. He also appears in the finale of the game, where he stands near an electric pole with a phone, which is located near the house.



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