The Mannequins are important objects in Hello Neighbor.


The Mannequin or Dummy, was first added in Alpha 1 and looked like a humanoid object that has a trunk with white fabric visible from the outside. The arms of the mannequin are made of wood. Also made of wood: the head and a low stance that replaces the legs. In Alpha 1, among the blockage leading to the third floor, you can find an armless mannequin. Alpha 1 also introduced the mannequin teacher.

In Alpha 2, the mannequin model is used as a child due to human proportions and a realistic look.

In Alpha 3, the mannequins lack arms.

In Alpha 4, the mannequin has changed a lot. Now it is slightly taller than Nicky Roth and Mr. Peterson. It looks like a tall object with very long arms made of metal and wood, a body, the body of which is made of wire, which can be seen from below. The mannequin, unlike the previous one, has wheels, but they do not affect physics in any way. The head has become smaller and narrower, sewn-in front, and the body has a patch. Also appeared another pose for mannequins. Also, starting with Alpha 4, in Fears, mannequins come to life. They begin to move, fulfill their role and can interfere with the protagonist. In the full game, they can be found in act 1 and 3. In act 1, 2 are in the basement. The mannequins in there serve no purpose. In act 3, there are 4 and they are required to get the toy rifle. You will need to bring all 4 and all 4 cakes in the birthday room and you will get the toy gun. They are also enemies to Nicky Roth in the fear levels that will reset you.


Alpha 4 and onwards

Mannequins have a cloth head and torso, a metal pole with four wheels, and very long, poseable arms. The joints appear to be metal, while the rest of the arms and the hands are wood.

Before Alpha 4

They're just normal looking wooden mannequins with a white torso and a circular base. In Alpha 3, they don't have arms.


Alpha 1

Mannequins are located throughout Mr. Peterson's House. Mannequins in Alpha 1 have no function. Except for the mannequin teacher. The mannequin teacher is needed to solve the classroom puzzle.

Alpha 2

The mannequin teacher has been removed.

Alpha 3

The mannequins' arms have been removed.

Alpha 4

Updated model.

Now is are enemies with Nicky Roth in Fear School.

Beta 1 - 2

Added in Fear Supermarket and Fear Factory.

Beta 3

Fear Factory has been removed. The number of mannequins was reduced to four.

Release (Act 1)

In the basement located two mannequins.

Release (Act 3)

The location of one of the mannequins has changed.


Alpha 1

  • In the grave room
  • In the Children's room

Alpha 1.5

  • In the Children's room
  • In the corridors in the basement

Alpha 2

  • Same as Alpha 1.5.

Alpha 3

  • In the main corridor in the Neighbor's house
  • Near the elevator door at the end of the corridor.
  • The room which became the Apple Shooter room in Alpha 4.

Alpha 4

  • The main corridor in the Neighbor's house.
  • Near the elevator to access the top.

Beta 1

  • Same as Alpha 4.

Beta 2

  • Same as Beta 1 and Alpha 4

Beta 3

  • In the room above the water room.
  • Across the corridor with no floor.
  • On a balcony near the room to Fear Supermarket.
  • On top of the windmill

Act 1

  • In the basement down the corridor.
  • By the gate at the end of the corridor.

Act 3

  • Same as Beta 3.


  • The mannequin teacher is an important object in Alpha 1.
  • The mannequin, standing on the eighth floor in the script room, can be considered the "face" from which was part of the initial cut scene in Alpha 4, where he looks at the Main Character House from top to bottom.
  • In almost every Fear, mannequins play a role. In the School - the role of students, teachers, and directors, in the Supermarket - buyers and cashier, in the Factory - workers.
  • It was planned that the mannequins from time to time turn on and off.
  • On the official screenshot, you can see the mannequins in the basement in Act 3, but in the game, they are not there.
  • Prior to one of the latest versions of the release, the main character kept the mannequins a little different.
  • The mannequin teacher in Alpha 1 - The only mannequin in clothes.
  • In Secret Neighbor, when a neighbor grabs children, they turn into mannequins before disappearing. (Starting with Halloween Alpha).


In Alpha 1 there was a flaw with mannequins. If you take one and put it anywhere, then after a while it will slowly rise up. So it can go up in the air. And if at this time to climb on it, you can abruptly fly a considerable distance. The same property had:

  • Microwave
  • Toolbox
  • Lawnmower

Alpha 2 had the same mistakes, not counting lawnmowers. But in Alpha 3, the developers fixed it.


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