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Mannequin Teacher is an important object in Hello Neighbor Alpha 1.


It looks like a wooden mannequin with gray hair, glasses, a white shirt, and a green and brown skirt.

To get a mannequin, you need to hang a bell on an iron rod sticking out of the ground next to the coffin, after that a wall-mounted container with a shovel will open.

You can get the Toy Gun for shooting at a shooting range. To do this, put it next to the teacher's desk in the classroom on the 2nd floor, solving a couple of mathematical problems on the blackboard. As a result, the toy gun will drop out before your eyes. In other versions of the Mannequin, there is no Teacher.


  • In Alpha 1 - this mannequin is located in a buried coffin in a room with a grave on the ground floor in Mr. Peterson's house.
  • Later does not appear anywhere.


  • In fact, the model of the Teacher’s Mannequin is the same as the rest of the mannequins, only there is clothing on it.
  • Perhaps the white Mannequin from Alpha 4'sFear School,” was a teacher mannequin.


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