The Mannequin Teacher is an important object in Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 and an AI enemy in Fear School.


Alpha 1

It looks like a wooden mannequin with a brown wig, glasses, a white shirt, and a green and brown skirt.

To get the mannequin teacher, you need to hang a bell on a pole sticking out of the ground next to the grave in the grave room. After that, a wall-mounted container with a shovel will open. Take the shovel and dig up the dirt to find a coffin. Remove the coffin lid to find the mannequin teacher.

You need to get the toy rifle for the rifle range puzzle. To get the toy rifle, the classroom puzzle must be completed. Take the mannequin teacher upstairs to the classroom and put it next to the teacher's desk. After solving the mathematical problems on the blackboard, the toy rifle will drop out from the ceiling.

After solving the classroom puzzle, the mannequin teacher will remain useless for the rest of Alpha 1.

Fear School

The mannequin teacher in Fear School looks like normal mannequin but has a distinctive white glowing face. You cannot outrun the mannequin teacher in Fear School.


Alpha 1

The mannequin teacher is located in a buried coffin in the grave room on the first floor of Mr. Peterson's House.

Fear School

The mannequin teacher will dart around like the other mannequin-students, attempting to catch Nicky Roth.


  • YouTuber Razzbowski called the mannequin teacher "Margaret".
  • The model of the Alpha 1 mannequin teacher is the same as the rest of the mannequins, only there is clothing on it.


Alpha 1

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