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Nicky Roth, also commonly known as The Player, or The Protagonist is one of the two main characters in Hello Neighbor. He is the only playable character in the main game. Nicky and his family moved into Raven Brooks, Missouri in 1995 when he was twelve. He had a thing for lock-picking and engineering, and made friends with someone with similar interests, Aaron Peterson.

For info on the 2015 version of the Player, see Pre-Nicky Player.


Nicky Roth was affected by Raven Brooks as a kid. He got trauma for 19 years and made an enemy, Theodore Peterson. He did finally get some actual friends before losing them, and enjoyed eating at the sushi place.


Moving In

In 1995, Jay, Luanne, and Nicky Roth move into Raven Brooks, Missouri. His family moved around a lot due to not having the right jobs. Nicky chose his bedroom and decided to not unpack fully yet. He messed around with his lock-pick set and noticed someone across the street, watching him. They left a note complimenting his lock-picking skills. The next day, Nicky decided to hang out with the kid. His name was Aaron Peterson, and he had a little sister named Mya Peterson. Nicky meets the family (and is creeped out by Theodore Peterson, Aaron's dad) and him and Aaron go to the Golden Apple Factory.

Aaron shows him around the factory, and brings Nicky into the forest. They come across the Golden Apple Amusement Park. Nicky questions why Aaron brought him here and Aaron claims it was an accident. Later, at the university Luanne works at, Nicky finds newspaper pieces on the Golden Apple Amusement Park, and discovered that people burned it down shortly after the death of Lucy Yi, a first grader.

One day when Nicky is at the park, Mya is there too, and she tells Nicky her dad is getting worse. After Diane Peterson, Aaron's mom, dies in a car crash, Mya is not present at her funeral. Nicky is worried. Aaron tells Nicky to not see him again, and Aaron goes missing after the funeral, leaving a note for Nicky with blood on it, reading "I make bad things happen".

Nicky questions the truth behind their disappearance.


Nicky convinces his friends Enzo Esposito, Trinity Bales, and Maritza Esposito to help him find Aaron and Mya. Theodore told the town they were with a relative in Minnesota, but Nicky does not believe it. He has recurring nightmares about mannequins and his grandma.

One day, since Trinity and Enzo aren't available, Nicky uses the help of Maritza to steal a phone book (to call Lisa and confirm if Aaron and Mya are with her) from Theodore's house. Theodore almost finds him hiding in a closet but he escapes because Maritza bribed a mailman to ring the doorbell to the house. Nicky calls Lisa and she hangs up when he mentions Theodore left Aaron and Mya with her. Nicky and Maritza also find out that Theodore goes to the Golden Apple Amusement Park to collect parts.

Theodore steals the phone book back by breaking into Nicky's bedroom.


On Nicky's thirteenth birthday, him and his friends go to a park called Spree Land and ride on "Scream School", which was designed by Theodore Peterson. The ride operator finds a drawing in Nicky's seat and returns it to him, but Nicky doesn't remember having the drawing. He flips over the drawing and notices it's one of the missing posters of Aaron and Mya. Maritza notices the drawing and starts to get angry at Nicky for tearing down a missing poster, which he did not do.

A break-in involving a mannequin happens at the Natural Grocer, and Nicky gets blamed for it, which he is still confused about.


Nicky is chasing a rubber ball and notices Theodore locking up Aaron, but Nicky runs home before Theodore can get him.

Nicky finds a duffel bag buried in Theodore's back yard, which he finds pieces of cassette tapes in. He repairs the casette tapes and takes them to the factory. After watching two of the tapes, which involve conflict between Aaron, Mya, and Theodore, he heads home and finds His parents, two cops, and his friends in his room. On his floor is a bunch of torn down missing posters, which are not his. The next night, he heads back to the factory and watches the last two tapes. The final tape shows Mya on the roof, getting away from Aaron, who is trying to play with her. She falls off of the roof and dies, and Aaron calls himself a monster.

The Infiltration

Nicky is walking home from the Golden Apple factory and is chasing a rubber ball down the street, which he's seen before. It is late at night and storming badly. He walks up between his house and Theodore's house and grabs the rubber ball. The wind calms down, and he knows exactly what he's going to do. Once the wind picks back up, Nicky perfectly times his throw of the rubber ball straight into Aaron's window so that thunder rumbles as soon as it hits. Earlier that morning, Mr. Peterson cut down the tree that led to Aaron's room.

Nicky grabs an old tool shelf and some cardboard boxes and leaps onto the roof, slick from the rain. He gets inside Aaron's room. He finds nothing but shelves lining the walls, but a flash of lightning illuminates a lever on the wall. After pulling the lever, Nicky hears a platform rise and notices a lift just below Mya's window. He grabs some keys that look like car keys and he leaps for the lift.

Making the jump, he enters Mya's room and finds a red key sitting on a drawer. He grabs it and notices the stairs outside the room have a hidden gate. Nicky finds the lever for the gate and heads into the main hallway. He sees creepy paintings of eyes and then comes upon the basement door. The rainstorm is still going. He puts the red key in and descends into the basement.

The Basement

The basement door locks behind him. He comes across a normal-looking room but notices something is off with the washing machine. One quick pull of the door and the rest of the basement lies in front of him. Theodore shoves him in the washing machine and shuts it, so Nicky can't turn back now. He goes into a fake-looking room with paintings Aaron drew, which have the rest of the basement behind them. He grabs a candle, and ventures down a few hallways. His candle goes out and he's lost. Suddenly, a flashlight rolls to his feet and he has a light source again.

After finding a hallway lined with boards and dirt, Theodore comes up behind him. Nicky runs to the end of the hallway and finds a padlock on the door. He slams the flashlight down on it, Theodore right behind him. He makes it into Theodore's office, with the OMEN papers and park blueprints, along with a mirror given by Diane. The next room has a theme park and Aaron is in it. Nicky is stuck down there with Aaron.

Remembering the Escape


19 years later, Nicky is in an apartment in a city by himself, and remembers how he escaped when he takes a nap. His fuzzy memory shows a cutout of Aaron unlocking a door to a room he was trapped in. He climbs up a ladder and out of the basement, but this memory has been distorted. Instead of a regular house, Nicky can only remember a big house surrounded by wooden walls and gates. Once he exits the front gate, Theodore is about to follow him across the street, but Aaron breaks a window to distract Theodore. Nicky escapes, but it is unknown what happened to Aaron.



Nicky wakes up from his nightmare. He hears knocking at his door, and an eviction letter is brought in. Nicky was evicted due to not paying his bills, and has to leave. He heads to his old house back in Friendly Court.

Back in 909 Friendly Court, He goes to check on Theodore's house, which has collapsed. He remembers Theodore and starts seeing things. He heads back to his house. Nicky grabs the key to the house that he has and goes inside. He finds a photo of himself and sits down, but thinks he sees the Thing again. His phone rings, so he answers it. Yet again, he sees the thing as a pizza truck passes by. He gets scared and naps on his sofa.

In his mind he hears screams. Aaron's screams. Across the street, instead of a burnt down house, there is a gigantic house instead. Theodore trips over a chair, stumbles, and grabs Aaron to lock him up. Theodore sees Nicky and Nicky gasps, opens his eyes, and realizes he is reliving Act 1. But not a normal version. This is a distorted Act 1 that his trauma caused. After beating his fears and getting into the basement, he finds "Aaron" yet again.

No More Fears

The room with the fake Aaron is destroyed by a giant version of Theodore. After entering the house on Theodore's back, Nicky finds himself in a bigger house with a child version of himself. His child self is almost attacked by fear, but Nicky blocks his fears, making him stronger until he finally defeats it. Nicky learns that Theodore is still stuck with his fears, and "wakes up" without any more fears. He unpacks his things and lives in the house now, knowing there is nothing to be scared of.


Act 1

In Act 1, Nicky is a 13-year-old kid with a blue and green baseball cap. He has a green bracelet and blue/orange sneakers. His teal shirt has a sharkatron on it, and his brown shorts have a golden apple on them. He has brown hair and brown eyes with a longish red nose.

Act 2

2 months after Act 1, Nicky seems to be beaten-up. His shirt is ripped and is losing its color. He no longer has his baseball cap, and one of his shoes are gone. His skin became more of a yellow-ish tone and he has bruises on his knees. He has a bandage on his right arm.

Act 3


19 years after Act 2, Nicky is still recognizable, but still looks different from his younger self. His hair is spikier than as a kid, and he has a poorly shaven beard now. His eyes look tired and his nose is longer. His skin tone is back to normal. Nicky has a plaid shirt unbuttoned, with a red/white blouse underneath. He has a brown watch. He also has red and white sneakers, with a star on them. His blue jeans have skull emblems on the buttons for the pockets.



Nicky as a child was very introverted and not your average teenager. Instead of playing sports and doing other things, he stayed at home picking locks and trying to find out about the town's history. He had 3 friends, but he cared more about finding Aaron and Mya than them, which causes them to get annoyed at him. He's smart when it comes to creating stuff. He has made things like an electro-magnet and a combination of a periscope and binoculars.

Nicky is scared of the dark, as we learn in Hello Neighbor: Buried Secrets. He has nightmares about the dark constantly. He also seems to be claustrophobic, as he freaks out when he gets pushed in the washing machine door in the basement.

Nicky always wants to do stuff on his own but sometimes screws up and usually ends up almost being captured by Theodore.


In Alpha 4, after passing two Fears, he gets additional abilities: a double jump and the opportunity to escape from the hands of the Neighbor when he caught him. In Beta 1-3, the abilities after passing nightmares remain the same, it was originally thought that after passing the Fear Factory, the hero increases the force of the throw, but in Beta 3 and Release it is available from the beginning and in all acts. Also, there is the ability to become invisible (on Ctrl) after passing The Fear Supermarket. However, it does not work during The Neighbor's pursuit of the player.


Hello Neighbor - December 8, 2017

Hello Neighbor: Missing Pieces- August 28, 2018

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek - December 6, 2018

Hello Neighbor: Waking Nightmare- December 26, 2018

Hello Neighbor: Buried Secrets - July 30, 2019


  • Nicky was originally the Neighbor's son before the full game. On the earliest Xbox patches of Hello Neighbor, the achievement for beating the game was called "like father like son" and the Beta 3 story seemed to hint at it with the painting, before they changed Nicky to always be Theodore's neighbor instead.
  • Nicky canonically watches Duck Tales.
  • In Hello Neighbor Alpha 2, Nicky's face was not shown. However, from Alpha 3 to Release, his face was shown.
  • Nicky seems to like sleeping on couches.
  • As an easter egg in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Nicky is at his own house outside, which you can see from the second floor in Stage 1.
  • Nicky has moved around many towns with his parents. Raven Brooks is the last known town they moved to.
  • When Nicky's family moved into Raven Brooks, their house looked abandoned and had torn wallpaper and rotten wood.
  • In an unused Hello Neighbor Beta cutscene/trailer, Nicky attempts to jump out of his apartment window to escape Theodore, who's knocking on his door, but Theodore catches him.
  • In the E3 2017 trailer, Nicky is shushed by Theodore Peterson, who is with him at a window.
  • Adult Nicky is barely explored in the lore and seems to have no personality compared to his child self.
  • Nicky resembles multiple male characters in the franchise. Some include Aaron, Theodore, Quentin, and Leslie.
  • Unlike his ingame version, the concept art of Nicky has a bandage on his nose and a yellow smiley face on his shirt.
  • In Act 3 of the full release, Nicky Roth’s face is not textured during gameplay for some reason.
  • It is speculated that Nicky will return in Hello Neighbor 2 due to Nikita saying in a Q&A that some old characters will be in the full release of Hello Neighbor 2.
  • Nicky was not dreaming in Act 3.




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