Nicky Roth's House is a location in Hello Neighbor. It is the house across from Mr. Peterson's House. It has changed drastically throughout the builds.

​Hello Neighbor

Pre-Alpha house.


This was the very first accessible player house in Hello Neighbor. It has two floors and white wooden boards making up the outside, and two accessible rooms. The rest of the house cannot be entered. The first room is empty, but the second room has only a bed with wallpaper that is on the ceiling for some reason.

Alpha 1

This is the second player house in Hello Neighbor. It is a remake of the Pre-Alpha house, and has some noticeable changes. The outside wood is no longer white, but is instead a brown/red. The windows leading to inaccessible rooms have shutters blocking us from seeing inside them. There is a brick chimney. The bedroom now has a ceiling material on the ceiling instead of wallpaper. The wallpaper is only on the walls. The bed is moved closer to the wall, and there is now a nightstand. The nightstand has a phone, which can call Mr. Peterson's phone as a distraction.

Alpha 1 house.

  1. Find the place
  2. Unpack stuff
  3. Turn on electricity
  4. Check inside
  5. Move stuff inside
  6. Take a nap

After these actions, the main game begins.

The same Alpha 1 house is also in Alpha 2 except there is no longer anything inside and all the doors and windows are removed, it serves as a background house. (See here)

Alpha 1.5/ Alpha 2 house.

Alpha "1.5"/2

Nicky Roth's House in Alpha 2 is yellow on the outside. It has a brown roof, with two floors. There is a pair of white double doors leading into the house. There is a bathroom, a living room, and an empty room. The upstairs door is locked.

Alpha 3

Virtually nothing has changed with Alpha 2, but there are a few minor differences:

Alpha 3 house.

  1. The appearance of the windows has changed.
  2. Now the front door is not double.
  3. Instead of a bathroom, there is now a bedroom.
  4. Instead of an empty room, a bathroom.
  5. Now there is no sink in the living room.
  6. A tall cabinet is added to the living room and the rug is removed.
  7. The appearance of the door to the second floor has changed.
  8. Now, this is an ordinary door that cannot be opened.
  9. The hall is now another carpet.

Rooms in the house:

  • Hallway
  • Hall
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom

Alpha 4

Alpha 4 house.

Nicky Roth's House in Alpha 4 is a small two-room house with an attic, the walls of which consist of white boards, there is a chimney and antennas. On the left side of one of the walls is a telephone. You cannot enter the house itself.

Beta 1 - 3

Nicky Roth's House in Beta 1 - 3 is larger than that of Alpha 4 and most importantly - accessible for entry. The walls outside are still built from white wooden boards. The house has several windows through which you can see on the other side of the wall. The entrance to the house is accompanied by an always-open door (In Beta 3, the door can be opened/closed like other doors). Only one floor is available. The house has three rooms available to Nicky Roth:

  • Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom (up to Beta 3 empty room).

Beta 1, 2 and 3 houses.

There are new types of furniture (couch, television, wardrobe, tables, mug, kitchen cabinets, etc.). The interior of the building almost has the same internal layout as Nicky Roth's Apartment. The exception is the additional bathroom, the absence and other positions of some furniture. In Beta 3, the house has changed a lot inside: More objects have appeared in the house; A table with a telephone appeared in the hall; The empty room became a bathroom, in which various objects also appeared. In addition, the house received an improvised electrical panel, the role of which was played by a yellow switch.

Full Game

Full Game house.

Nicky Roth's House in the full game is built of turquoise boards, the roof is made of purple tiles (In fact, it is red). A high brick pipe sticks out on the roof. The windows of the house are located on all sides of this house. It itself consists of two floors and 7 rooms:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Lumber room
  • Bedroom

The living room is the largest room in the house. The living room has two cabinets with various objects, a unique couch, two wardrobes, and a small table. There is also a stand for shoes. There are several wall shelves. The living room has a small closet under the stairs. The kitchen is the second largest room. It has a lot of furniture and objects, among which there are various cabinets, a stove, a table, chairs and more. The bathroom is the last room on the first floor. It contains a cabinet, sink, bathtub, toilet and more. The house in Act 2 is mostly empty and most of the furniture is missing.

On the second floor, there are two rooms: a nursery and a bedroom. In the children room, you can find various furniture, among which: table, chair, bed, bookcase and more. In the second room, you can see as many as three different windows, one of which is unique. The room has a wardrobe, bed, bench, table, two chairs and more.

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