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Fears are sequences encountered in the old versions of Hello Neighbor. They first appeared in Pre-Alpha.


Occasionally, when you sleep or get caught in Pre-Alpha to Alpha 1, you will encounter a dream sequence.



In Pre-Alpha, there is a nightmare in which the protagonist wakes up inside of their house. They try to open the door, it doesn't open. Then, after looking through the window, a Giant Neighbor appears and attempts to capture the protagonist. First by reaching through the bedroom door, to no avail. Eventually, the Giant Neighbor smashes the window and successfully captures the protagonist.

Alpha 1

In Alpha 1, there is a nightmare that occurs when going to sleep or getting caught enough times. As the protagonist sleeps, they are transported to a theme park, underneath the map, with The neighbor counting. the protagonist must hide from him. Not hiding quickly enough, results in the Neighbor catching them and the nightmare resetting. This teaches the hiding mechanic (which works in hunt mode and idle mode such as placing a radio in a room, he'll go by, or hiding after breaking a window or him being in idle and patrolling, however in attack mode he'll find you every single time).


  • In the Alpha 3 files in Fear School used the Nicky Roth model for the students.
  • In the game, there was supposed to be Fear Hospital, but it was replaced by a dream.


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