Paintings are side objects in the Hello Neighbor series.


The paintings depict a variety of art. From portraits to still files. The size and shape of the paintings may be different, but the image on them is the same.

The paintings may help you complete the game. One of the paintings with a golden apple tree opens a secret passage in the room with a gate, and the other covers the hole behind which there is the blue key.

In Act 1, there is a picture hiding a secret. Behind it, there is a passage into the room in which the car key is stored and a switch to supply power to the fan.

When added


  • Flowers and Fruit Painting (Removed)
  • Original Cat Painting (Removed)
  • City Painting (Removed)
  • Weird Useless Painting (Removed)


  • Kiss of Judah Painting (Removed)

Alpha 1

  • Crow Painting (Removed)
  • Cat Painting (Removed)

Alpha 1.5


Alpha 2

  • Apple Tree Painting (Removed)
  • Mountain Painting (Removed)
  • Shining Painting (Removed)
  • Vase Painting (Removed)
  • Nightcup Painting (Removed)
  • Mug Painting
  • Golden Apple Painting
  • Untextured Painting
  • Flower Pot Painting
  • Tasty Painting (Removed)

Alpha 3

  • Moustache Painting
  • Eye Painting
  • Family Painting

Beta 1

  • Toy Room Puzzle Painting

Full Game

  • Kitty Underpants Painting
  • Nicky Roth Painting
  • Youtuber Painting
  • Petersons Painting
  • Valley Painting
  • Dinner Painting

Original "Kiss of Judah" painting.



In the Prototype, the first few paintings appeared. Since the prototype is not a playable version of Hello Neighbor, paintings from this version could only be seen in the announcement trailer.


Two new paintings were added to Pre-Alpha and one was left from the Prototype, and the two remaining ones were removed. Unlike the Prototype, Pre-Alpha was a playable version.

Alpha 1

Alpha 1 removed one meaningless painting from Pre-Alpha. Now some of the paintings have different frames, two new paintings have been added.

Alpha 2

The developers created several more paintings in the realistic art style, but then changed their minds and decided to switch to the cartoon art style, so they began to remove pictures from the previous versions of the game and added a lot of cartoonish pictures.

Alpha 3

All realistic paintings were removed. They also removed a couple of paintings from Alpha 2 and added new ones.

Alpha 4

Added new paintings.

Beta 3

A new painting related to the puzzle has appeared.

Full Game

Added new paintings to the game. Some of them are related to the plot of the game.


  • Behind the largest paintings in Alpha 4 there is a leaflet on which the following is written: "An apple does not fall far from an apple tree."
  • In the basement in Alpha 2, there are paintings from Alpha 1.
  • The game has a paintings depicting Mr. Peterson's House, Mr. Peterson and Nicky Roth. It was an element of the plot and can found in Nicky Roth's House or apartment.


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