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Piper Tillman is the protagonist of Hello Neighbor: Reset Day.


Piper is the main character of Hello Neighbor: Reset Day. She is the protagonist of the story. She has a sister named Delia. They moved to Raven Brooks after their dad died. Piper is 13 years old and has dyed purple hair. She is good at spotting things and her sister gave her the nickname "Eyeball".


Piper and her family move in to Raven Brooks a few months after Piper's dad died. Piper's great cousin, Marcia Tillman, died and her family inherited her store and apartment. She explores the town and when she comes back, she gets a new phone and later at night gets a message from an unknown man with a crow icon. Piper meets Vinod and Jess at her school. She learns that Maritza Esposito, now an aunt, is taking care of them while her brother Enzo is missing. He has apparently been gone for months, but due to the time loop, everyone thinks he just vanished. Later, Piper's mom doesn't come home and the Guest messages her again, telling her she has nowhere to run, and sends her a picture of Theodore Peterson.


Piper is a young girl with faded purple hair dye. Her hair is slightly shaved on the sides, and she has a golden loop on the top of her ear. She wears a gray sweater and ripped jeans.

Is slightly seen on the cover.