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The Pre-Nicky Player, or 2015 Player, was who we now know as Nicky Roth. He was in the Prototype build to Alpha 1, but his second model never made it to Alpha 1 fully, due to it being scrapped.


Prototype to Pre-Alpha

The Prototype to Pre-Alpha player model has rolled up sleeves and wears gloves. he has shoes and very short hair. He has the same leg shape as Theodore.

Alpha 1 (Scrapped)

The scrapped Alpha 1 player model has a blue vest with a white checkered shirt underneath, and this time instead of gloves, he has a watch. interestingly, he has a small bandage on his right hand and multiple cuts on both hands.

Alpha 1 (Release)

The player in Alpha 1's release simply has no model but unlike the Prototype and Pre-Alpha, his shadow cannot be seen during gameplay.


In the Pre-Alpha, the player can lean sideways, unlike any other Hello Neighbor build. However, this caused major glitching and was removed.

The player is very fast, as he can escape the Neighbor in almost any situation.


  • The only known appearance of the player in Pre-Alpha was his shadow as seen during gameplay. It's internal name is "player_shadow.uasset" and appears to be a version of Mr. Peterson's model, but with a different head and arms. Notably, it is not textured, for you never see the model outside of the shadow.
  • The player's running speed has generally been tweaked throughout the builds; first in Pre-Alpha, he was slower than Mr. Peterson unless sprinting. In Alpha 1, he can simply walk away from the Neighbor unless he gets caught too many times, in which case the Neighbor will become faster.


Prototype - Pre-Alpha

Alpha 1

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