Quentin (full name not confirmed), is the first protagonist of Hello Guest.


Quentin has dark brown hair. It can also be seen that he is wearing a red bicycle helmet, and a dark blue sweater, a light blue raglan shirt with Bananas, Grapefruits, Pineapples, and dark cyan Triangles, etc., he wears dark glasses, cyan pants with yellow knee-pads, dark purple boots and also a watch.


Quentin as seen in the cut-scenes of Alpha 1 is shown to be awkward and a bit clumsy (as seen from him looking around and kicking the 'Door Closed' sign away in the beginning of Alpha 1, and him closing his finger in the door in his shift ending cut-scene.)


Alpha 1 (Beginning)

He arrives on his bicycle to the Golden Apple Amusement Park to work as the security guard. When he approached the park, he heard a strange sound. He looks around but sees only a red, wooden statue pointing a statue of a Forest Protector . Then he goes to the metal door and tries to correct the rickety plate “The door is closed”, but it falls. He kicks the sign to the side, opens the door, and goes to the park. When he enters the guard building, he picks up the phone of the telephone that rang on the desk to inform the boss that he is already in place. As soon as he goes outside, he sees lightning flashing in the distance and a vandal breaking the arm off of the giant Forest Protector statue.


Quentin is able to drive away from the Vandals with the help of a flashlight or if he simply comes close to them. In Alpha 1, Quentin has the ability to put generators lights and go down with ropes using a Monitor to see through cameras He can also use the Fire extinguisher to attack the Guest and clean the fire made by vandals.


  • Heart Problems and lung problems.


  • In the book Hello Neighbor: Bad Blood, Mr. Peterson has a friend named Ike, and he is a security guard, so presumably, this is the person you play as in Hello Guest. But Alex confirmed that we don't play as Ike.
  • He is one of the few characters who wear a wristwatch, the others being Scout, Theodore Peterson (in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek) Mya Peterson (in Stage 1), and Beatrix.
  • This is the third character that used or uses an unfinished model, the others being Vandals (prototype), and Nicky Roth (Prototype).
  • It can also be seen on the secret video in Secret Neighbor v1.0.9.9, but already slightly redone.
  • In Alpha 1, his appearance was changed.
  • It was confirmed in Alpha 1 that his name is Quentin via save-files.
  • His full model can be viewed from the security cameras and cut-scenes.
  • He can also be seen on a film reel in Secret Neighbor v1.0.9.9, where he is kidnapped by a Man In The Hat and is the final scene of Alpha 1 Hello Guest.
  • Under his helmet, Quentin's model has hair, despite it not being seen.
  • In the test map, Quentin and Beatrix can capture vandals when they ragdoll.
  • He is a journalist and is investigating the dissapearence of Mr. Peterson



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