The Children or The Rescue Squad are the protagonists of Secret Neighbor. Six kids want to uncover the mystery of their friend disappearing. These children have planned a way to get back their friend who's stuck in the basement, Nicky Roth. They all have unique abilities that benefit themselves. This game takes place somewhere between Act 1 and Act 2 from the original game, Hello Neighbor.

The main objective is to breach the basement with 6 locks on it. To unlock them, they will need to find several keys that are scattered throughout the house and most importantly, survive. Because at the end you can only trust yourself.


Their appearance depends on what class you play as. The photo above shows the current kids in the game, and they all have unique abilities. Before the current kids were made, there used to be completely normal kids that didn't have any abilities, but rather the basic ones. They are not playable anymore since they were only available up to the Easter Update in the beta, which introduced the current kids.

All of the children have unique cosmetics and outfits. You can find them in the "Shop" section in the game. These will cost coins that you can get by winning a match of Secret Neighbor, or real money depending on the cosmetic.

The kids are teaming up to rescue the Protagonist from Hello Neighbor, Nicky Roth. Secret Neighbor takes place after Act 1


There are many items that are scattered around the house or outside the house. Children can use these to their advantage to either hurt a child, The Neighbor or break a window with them.

If Theodore is holding a child, you can prevent them from going missing if you throw an item at them. You will stun The Neighbor and make him drop the child that he held. Stunning someone drops the health bar of them, if they get stunned enough, they will go into a state where they will go down on their knees. This state will make them crawl on the floor slowly, and they can't get up unless someone helps them or they get up themselves. Another way of getting stunned/losing health is fall damage. Depending on the height, the stun can actually get you into the state of.

All the kids except for the Bagger get Knocked due to Fall Damage because of his "Strong Knees". Leader can undo Negative effects on Kids (Example, She can Rez you instantly) due to her "Inspiration" ability Inventor can craft several gadgets that benefit all of the kids in different ways. Detective is the main source of income when it comes to keys, his ability hints at a location in the house where the key could possibly be. If you're a lone wolf, Brave or Scout are the best classes to play as if you prefer a more defensive/offensive playstyle. They can defend themselves using their bat/slingshot, but the catch is that Scout's slingshot has limited ammo (10x) and if you run out of ammo, you'll be forced to look through the entire house just for a bag of nuts where you can refill. Brave does not have any ammo type or weapon, but more like a melee weapon, her bat. You'll need to hit the neighbour several times in order to activate the Counter-Strike ability of hers, where if you get caught by the neighbour you can instantly get out of his grip without the help of any other child, the ability refreshes once you use it.

The kids also have a special set of items that they can find around the house, they are the chocolate bar, milk and glue jar. When holding milk, you get the option to consume it. Consuming it will make you strong, basically throwing something faster and longer than usual. Glue, however, can not be consumed, and can only be used when throwing it on the floor or on someone. The glue is stored in a jar, and when thrown on the ground it will break, releasing all of the glue that was once contained. Stepping on the glue makes you move slower than usual, it's purpose is just to slow down a player. It does not evaporate or disappear as it's permanent, so be cautious when using it. You might encounter the pile of glue while getting chased by the neighbour and you do not want to be caught in it.

"The Rescue Squad"

"The Rescue Squad" consists of 6 children:

  • Leader (Trinity), a child who cheers up the kids, inspiring them to not lose hope, giving them a speed boost and removing all Negative Effects. After staying near kids for 8 minutes, when she inspires them, The Neighbor gets blinded for 3 seconds. Her canon name is Trinity Bales, She is the third fastest of the Six Kids.
  • Detective (Enzo), a very tall, skinny kid who can find the keys with a bunch of pictures that give hints of their location. After finding 4 keys he gets a Ping, showing where a Key you need is. His canon name is Enzo Esposito, He is the second fastest of the Six Kids.
  • Scout, a child who knows how to defend herself with her powerful slingshot, when she shoots the Neighbor 3 times she gets a 20% Speed Boost. She does not have a canon name, She is the fastest of the Six Kids.
  • Brave (Maritza), an agile child who knows how to fight and keep herself safe with her baseball bat, she can Deflect Objects and after hitting the Neighbor 3 times, she can break out of his grip. Her canon name is Maritza Esposito, She is the second slowest of the Six Kids
  • Bagger, with his trusty Backpack, he's an Unstoppable Force, he gains a Third Slot and when he has those filled for 10+ Minutes, he gains a Fourth Slot. He does not have a canon name, He is the slowest of the Six Kids.
  • Inventor, a simple kid who knows how to craft basic Items, he can craft different gadgets with the help of Gears that are scattered around the House. He does not have a canon name, He is the third slowest of the Six Kids.

But be careful, one of these kids could be The Neighbor.


  • All of the kids have a unique set of cosmetics, some palette changes or just complete outfit changes. You can find them all in the daily shop, each day a new set of cosmetics pop up there. They're all sold in separate pieces and can be bought with Coins.
    • Coins are awarded to a player when they either survive a trial, do not get caught by The Neighbor, or catch-all children as The Neighbor.
  • Brave's hat used to be all the way back in the alpha builds for Secret Neighbor. There used to be a green variation of the hat that doesn't exist anymore and also of another variation of her current hat, where it doesn't have a lot of detail.
    • In the Alpha, Brave didn't use her Bat when using Counter-Strike, Instead, She used her Fist
  • So far, we only know 3 of the kids' names, Brave's, Detective's and Leader's names are Maritza Esposito, Enzo Esposito, and Trinity Bales.
  • It takes 3 hits for a child to be knocked, but 8 if you want to temporarily kill the Neighbor. It'll take 20 seconds for him to respawn.
  • The current kids did not exist during the alpha builds, as there were rather kids who could be customized with Brave and Detective's abilities.
  • 3 of the kids in the Rescue Squad are featured in the "Hello Neighbor TV Show", and those 3 are Maritza, Trinity and Enzo. The rest are not featured in the TV Show so far, They might come later on down the line, but nothing is confirmed.
  • All of the kids have special Holiday Costumes (Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Summer)
  • The Canon Ending to Secret Neighbor is Theodore Peterson stopping the Rescue Squad. Or the rescue squad get to open the basement and save Nicky.
  • Brave is the youngest member of the squad, and also the Fearless child in the squad.
  • More kids will be added to the Rescue Squad, We know this because of tinyBuild posting a 2020 roadmap featuring that statement.


Hello Neighbor TV Show

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