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Retcons are a recurring thing in the Hello Neighbor series that frequently happen due to the novels. Below is a list of those retcons.


  • While Act 1 is clearly shown to be during a sunny day in Hello Neighbor, it is changed to be in the middle of the night in a storm upon the release of Hello Neighbor: Buried Secrets in July 2019.
  • In Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Diane Peterson died in April and her daughter, Mya died in May. However, in Hello Neighbor: Missing Pieces, they both die in August.
    • On the topic of the Petersons, the Peterson family is shown to move in after Nicky in Hide and Seek too, but is changed in Missing Pieces, having Nicky move in after them.
  • In Hello Neighbor's full release, the cartons of milk state that it was made in 1997, but the books show that it takes place in 1996.


  • Aaron's middle name is shown to be James in Missing Pieces, but is retconned to be Victor during the release of the guidebook.
  • While Buried Secrets states that Aaron rode the Rotten Core Roller Coaster first, he doesn't ride it at all in Grave Mistakes.
    • Another Golden Apple Amusement Park retcon is Theodore Peterson shown to be wearing a suit and tie to the opening in Missing Pieces, but wears his casual clothes in Grave Mistakes.
    • The third and final retcon of the park is how in Missing Pieces, the park didn't reveal the Rotten Core until two weeks after the opening ceremony, but in Grave Mistakes it was the same day.
  • Theodore Peterson is shown in the games to not have worn gloves until Mya died, but he frequently wears gloves throughout the book series.
  • Enzo and Maritza Esposito were originally Hispanic and dark-skinned in the first trilogy of books, but were later changed to be white in the second trilogy and Secret Neighbor. However, in Reset Day, Maritza keeps her dark brown hair and eyes from the first trilogy.