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"Welcome to the Solt Nayd Noufd Box!."
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This page presents everything that the developers planned to introduce into Secret Neighbor but was never implemented, or it could list things that have appeared in the game's builds, but became later scrapped.

Pre-Alpha Changes (KNOWN)

In the Pre-Alpha 1 version of the game you could find very unusual carpets, that didn't fit the Hello Neighbor artstyle, they were actually carpets used on their early project "Betrayal At Mansion", alongside carpets, there is a bunch of models used as placeholders).

Check here for BAM links and models

Pre-Alpha 2 Differences

Alpha Changes

Halloween Alpha

Christmas Alpha

Easter Alpha Differences

- Chocolate bars and Milk got a cool effect when being consumed

Beta and Full Game

Pre-Beta Differences

Summer Beta Differences

Press Build Differences

- 5 Bathtubs total

- Nicknames were removed



Christmas Alpha 2

There exists a second Christmas Alpha that only the developers have (and a few SN people, as it was leaked) the only differences in the build from footage that was shown is:

- There is snow

- Gift Wrap instead of Bunny Wrap

- The Neighbor was a teeny bit faster than the kids

Unused Victory Screens

Unused Victory Screens found in the files of Christmas Alpha