The Scout - is one of the protagonists and Secret Neighbor kids' classes.


She is a short girl. She has black hair tied on both sides in pigtails with yellow ribbons. She also has a long bang, nearly covering her eyes. Dressed in a scout uniform: a light green sleeveless shirt with numerous badges and light brown shorts with an orange tie around the neck. A small green bag hangs on the belt of the belt. She wears a yellow wrist watch on her right wrist, and she sometimes wields a slingshot in her hand. For footwear, she wears knee-length socks with dark green slip-ons.

Her appearance can be changed thanks to the store, or rather the things that are sold there.You can change: The color of her ribbons, and her whole entire head by adding a hat; a shirt with accessories on it; shorts with boots; accessories (most often a bag and a watch).



Upon pressing the activate ability button, she brings up her slingshot. With this slingshot, she can shoot the kids or the neighbor with her nuts. When shooting at The Neighbor, deal 5 damage to him.

Evasive Maneuvers (Passive)

When hitting The Neighbor with the slingshot 3 times in a row, gain a temporary speed boost by 15% which lasts for 3 seconds. Works multiple times.


  • If you're out of ammo, you can find a bag filled with nuts. Hovering over the bag with your mouse gives you the option to "Replenish Nuts". This means that you can reload. You can find it in the garage, greenhouse, kitchen and in the first floor in front of the basement door.
    • In the Alpha for Secret Neighbor, you actually needed to collect the nuts in order to use your slingshot. This was later removed and it did no longer require for you to collect the nuts.
  • If you check the Scout's description in-game. Near the end of the sentence it says "his slingshot". This is most likely a spelling mistake from the developers as there are a lot of them in-game, unfortunately.
  • In the Beta for Secret Neighbor, she actually had both of her front teeth showing. In the current build, they are not present.
  • She has an exclusive costume that references Zorro, a fictional hero who's adventures played out in California.
  • She seems to be Chinese.
  • When shooting The Neighbor with her slingshots, you can actually see the nuts crack open as they hit him.
  • Her slingshot used to be plain brown, but now one part is hot pink.


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