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Secrets and Easter Eggs are secret things hidden in the game, the game files, or easter eggs that make references to YouTubers. This page contains secrets and easter eggs from the full game and secrets and easter eggs from versions before the release of the full game.


Secret Audio

In the mod kit, you can find a part where it says Swear Sound. When you open the cue, it shows audio files of extremely vulgar language. But, it isn't in the actual game. This can be found in BP_Sosed (the neighbor).

Out of Bounds

Burning House

Out of bounds in Pre-Alpha, you can find a burning house on top of a hill.

Second House

Out of bounds in Alpha 1, there is a second version of the Neighbor's house which is used for the intro cutscene.

The Wife's Grave

In the full game, if you go near the church out of bounds in the game you can find a gravestone with a silhouette of the Neighbor's wife on it.


On the far side of the pond out of bounds is what looks to be a satellite with a golden plaque of some sort on it. It is unknown what it is hinting towards at this time if at anything. On the plaque are some strange symbols which as of now are not decipherable and may never be.

Mysterious Package

In one of the mailboxes of the houses, you can find a package. It is unknown at the time what you are supposed to do with it if there is anything you need to do with it at all. But originally before they scrapped fear factory, it was used in the fear_factory. Also in the Modkit it is called "Factory Object".

Secrets in Mr. Peterson's House

Family Photo

In a remote room of the neighbor's house, one you can only get to by umbrella and by breaking a window, there is a family photo depicting the Neighbor, his wife, his daughter, and his son. All of them appear to be happy and are notably smiling in the photo.

Tire Swing

On the top of the windmill, a broken tire swing can be found in the final version of the game.

Easter Eggs

Trash Can Flying Prohibited

In Alpha 3 and Act 3, a sign can be found saying "Trash Can Flying Prohibited", a reference to how some YouTubers (like 8-Bit Ryan) managed to get over the invisible walls by crouch jumping inside a trash can in Alpha 1.

Golden Apple

The Golden Apple is a mysterious item that can be found either physically or as a painting in all versions of Hello Neighbor except Pre-Alpha. The method of obtaining it differs in each version.

  • In Alpha 1, it is labelled as a prize at the rifle range, along with a TV remote. Neither be obtained.
  • In Alpha 3, the player can find a supermarket known as "The Golden Apple." It has no collision data, and so is speculated to only be used in a cutscene.
  • This supermarket also exists in Alpha 4 and beyond. Between Alpha 4 and the final Beta, its text is in Russian/Slovenian. In the final build, it appears to be in English, but reads "Puserkarmet" instead.
  • The golden apple is obtainable after growing a tree using the seed in Alpha 4, going to the left corner of the Neighbor's house with the apple equipped prompts a cutscene of a vision from the Neighbor's perspective.
  • This seed also appears at the top of the Neighbor's windmill in the Beta 3, and the player can still grow the golden apple, but the gramophone was moved to the Golden Apple room, inside the wall and requried use of the superthrow ability to get the apple through the wall.

The same tree is found as a sapling in the Beta 3 basement.

  • In the final build, the seed instead appears on the lone platform containing an armchair and a bear rug. There also no longer appears to be a cutscene for the apple, and it instead grants the player an achievement. The player also has shorts with a golden apple design on them in the first two acts of the game.
  • Notably, in Alpha 1, if the Neighbor breaks down a door, it can be picked up. Doing so will show a yellow-green colored image of an apple as the HUD icon. This is presumably a placeholder for all objects without an item graphic.

YouTuber Items

8-Bit Ryan

There is a book, whose author is "8B Ryan", which refers to the YouTuber 8-Bit Ryan.


There is a chalk drawing on a chalkboard in the Fear School nightmare, it is a heart with the words "Razzbowski + Margareth", referring to the YouTuber Razzbowski, and Margareth, the name that Razzbowski gave to the Mannequin Teacher from Alpha 1.

Video Game News

There is a toy truck with 8-bit art and the words "Video Game News", referring to the YouTuber Video Game News, and his channel icon.

Greenhouse M13

There is a greenhouse at the gate of the church and cemetery, there is a sign saying "M13", this refers to the YouTuber Greenhouse M13.

8-Bit Ninja

There is a rice box with the face of a ninja on it, and above the face, it says "8 BIT", referring to the YouTuber 8-Bit Ninja


There is a green toy tank with the word "Bonus" on it, this refers to the YouTuber BonusTank.

Captain Sauce

There is a bottle of sauce called Captain Salsa with Captain Sauce's iconic figure in the player's fridge, this refers to the YouTuber, Captain Sauce.


There is a can of juice in the Fear Darkness nightmare and in the Neighbor's kitchen with the text BIJUUM on it.

JT Machinima

There is a broken gramophone across the lake in the "UnrealEngine MissingScript" area with a record disk with JT Machinima's logo on it (and JT Machinima does video game raps)


There is a poster of FGTeeV on the second floor of Nicky Roth’s house.


When Alpha 2 was released, FGTeeV made a joke about Mr. Peterson drinking, “Kilm”.


There is a mask located out of bounds in the game that is near a building.

Random Encounters

In fear darkness, on one of the shelves, there is an vinyl with merged letters "R" and "E", which is Random Encounters logo

Other Easter Eggs

  • Nicky Roth in Act 1, is wearing a shirt with a shark on it which references the Sharkatron, his shorts references the Golden Apple.
  • There is a way to get access to the outside of the map, right from the running bridge part (which is where the 12 buttons are.) Go to the middle part of running bridge while you have some chances, you can see an obvious wall, go through it and you can find a Unreal Engine Missing Script.
  • If you rewind back at Alpha 4's intro, from the high place that the mannequin was looking at you. Now before you go to the window, throw something first (make sure that you throw really far) and you can now go up the part of the windmill then use the umbrella to fall down to that window, you'll find the neighbor's family photo, the wife's purse and shoe(s).
  • Outside on the map, on the large water part you can find another Sharkatron with a boat referencing The Jaw (1975) and a crashed Voyager satellite the golden record which might be referencing to the X-Files.
  • A UEMS (or Unreal Engine Missing Script) can be found on Act 1 which is where the sequence of Nicky Roth running and kicks the ball, after kicking the ball, you can look around the houses which mostly important is the house near the Neighbor's (from the left side actually.) Touching it will teleport the player to a room with code but with an endless falling out of the map. (Restart
  • Another UEMS can be found on Act 3 (which is before starting Nicky Roth’s role) is from the Nicky Roths's old house, now there was no access of going upstairs so you can jump in by stacking boxes, attempting a jump (parkour), or something else (like cheating). Go straight and open the door you can find a QR code and a numbers code within the UEMS.
  • The first UEMS is found on Act 1 which is from the nearby house, the second one is found in Act 3 which is from running bridge, the final one is from the upstairs of Act 3.
  • About the Sun and the Moon room are the Xbox easter egg which shows that it is available at the Xbox.


YouTuber Easter Eggs