TVs are objects that appear around Hello Neighbor.


Alpha 4 has added a new kind of TV - convex TV. They differ from ordinary ones in that they do not show anything, but only reflect (not counting the Fear of Darkness and the basement in Alpha 4, where the TV shows interference). In the reflection on the screen of such a TV there is a lot of everything interesting, but at the same time not having any significance for the plot or gameplay. Depending on the side of the horizon where the TV is directed, what has reflected in it changes. At Beta, a convex-screen TV only works in the protagonist’s apartment. The release of the TV added another soundtrack,a tv was added in hello guest alpha 1 but this has only a texture and is useless.



In the hall.


In the hall and the room with three armchairs and among the things of Nicky Roth. At the second stage of the game, a second one appears in the room with three Chairs.

Alpha 1

In the hall and Living Room.

Alpha 2

In the hall, bedroom, and basement.

Alpha 3

In the hall, bedroom, and basement.

Alpha 4

In the hall, bedroom, and room without a wall.

Beta 1-3

In the same place as in Alpha 4.

Act 1

In the bedroom, hall, two in the basement and in a dream with an accident.

Also in Nicky Roth's House, in the living room/main room.

Act 2

In the bedroom and hall.

Act 3

In the bedroom, hall, room without a wall, near the nursery, in a room with family amenities, and in Nicky Roth's living room, just like Act 1.

Hello Guest Alpha 1

There a Tv in the guard building but this is useless


  • Alpha 2 used a new audio track that plays like a broken television in Alpha 4.
  • Such a TV can be found in the basement of Neighbor and in Fear of the Darkness.
  • Some convex TVs show terrain but without a door.
  • Strange, but in Beta 3, the TVs of the Neighbor and the Main character have the same icon in the inventory.
  • The greeting in the new audio track in Release is a reference to the Russian Youtuber Maugly.
  • The neighbor can carry the TV.
  • In the basement of the Alpha 2, there is an old-style TV set. It is included from the very beginning of the main game.
  • If you put the TV on the floor and it will be included in Alpha 2, then the Neighbor will not be able to turn it off.
  • On TVs with a convex screen, there is a test image, so that you can see unknown images in it.
  • A similar situation was in Pre-Alpha with windows above the second floor, they showed the porch of Neighbor's house instead of reflection.
  • In the release, the test image for such TVs was removed. The TV plays the video only in Alpha 2, in other versions, when the TV is turned on, only interference appears on the screen.




  • This video plays an enabled TV from Alpha 2, but in black and white and with a completely different audio track.
Hello, Neighbour! Teaser-0

Hello, Neighbour! Teaser-0

  • This is its early version
    Trailer Test

    Trailer Test

    Early Version

  • Part of the audio track from this TV show is used for one of the audio tracks that can be found in Alpha 2 files.
  • Part of the audio track from this TV show is used for one of the audio tracks for TVs, starting with Alpha 1.
  • The song featured in the announcement trailer is Faust - Act 1 - "Le veau d'or" Rondo of Mefiso.
    Seven Days in May 1964

    Seven Days in May 1964

    Audio playing starting with Alpha 1.

    John Glenn & President John F

    John Glenn & President John F. Kennedy

    Video playing from Alpha 2 Game Files.

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