The Television or TV, is a side object in the Hello Neighbor series.


The television is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images in monochrome (black and white), or in color, and in two or three dimensions and sound. In Hello Neighbor, it can be picked up and thrown. There are currently three versions of it in the full game. They are found all over Mr. Peterson's House and other locations.

In the Prototype, only sound emanated from the television. In the announcement trailer, the protagonist uses the television as a distraction for Mr. Peterson.

In Pre-Alpha the sound for the television can be heard, however, unlike all other builds, you can hear a fast talking Spanish announcer advertising a bank. The television can be picked up.

In Alpha 1, the sound of the television changed again. You can now hear the dialogue in English.

In Alpha 2, the televisions were originally planned to be realistic (which is clear from the early trailers (Alpha 1.5) and the two televisions in the basement), but they eventually became cartoonish. Now the television is crooked. The two switches are now two white cylinders. The textures, as it happens with all cartoon style objects, have been simplified.

Alpha 2 is the first and only build where the television showed something besides clutter. The sound has not changed in any way.

In Alpha 3, .

Alpha 4 added an alternative television. Unlike the first cartoonish television, it began to look more complicated: it received an incomprehensible element on the right side (most likely a speaker), and there are also three cylinders (one white and two black). The screen, unlike other televisions, turned dark blue and began to show strange reflections. In Fear Darkness, this exact television shows interference like all televisions.

In Beta 1, the alternative television can be interacted with (only in Nicky Roth's Apartment).

In Beta 3, you can fully interact with the alternative television. The television icon has changed.

In the full game, the alternative television received the same white screen as the regular one. Now the alternative television belongs to Nicky Roth, it appears in Nicky Roth's Apartment and house.

In Hello Guest Alpha 1, the television changed significantly and is now supported by four long legs.

In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1, the screen is now enabled and can be picked up.



In the living room.


In the living room, in the room with the three armchairs and among the things of the protagonist.

Alpha 1

In the downstairs living room and in the upstairs living room.

Alpha 2

In the living room, bedroom and basement.

Alpha 3

In the living room, bedroom and basement.

Alpha 4

In the living room, bedroom and room without a wall.

Beta 1 - 3

In the same places as in Alpha 4.

Full Game

In Nicky's living room and in the living room

Act 1

Two in the in the basement and in the nightmare with the car accident.

One in Nicky Roth's House, in the living room.

One is in the Mr. Peterson's bedroom with an antenna on top.

Another is in his living room, also with an antenna.

Act 2

In the bedroom and living room again.

Act 3

In the bedroom, living room, room without a wall, near the apple shooter room (above the birthday room), in a room with family amenities, and in Nicky Roth's living room, just like Act 1.

There is one in his apartment which does not play anything.

There is one in Fear Darkness that cannot be picked up.

Hello Guest Alpha 1

There a television in the security building but it is useless.


  • Alpha 2 used a new audio track that plays like a broken television in Alpha 4.
  • Such a television can be found in Mr. Peterson's basement and in Fear Darkness.
  • Some convex televisions show terrain but without a door.
  • Strange, but in Beta 3, the televisions of Mr. Peterson and Nicky Roth have the same icon in the inventory.
  • The greeting in the new audio track in the full game is a reference to the Russian YouTuber Maugly.
  • Mr. Peterson can carry the television.
  • In the basement in Alpha 2, there is an old art-style television. It is also included in the into of Alpha 2.
  • If you put the television on the floor and it will be included in Alpha 2, then Mr. Peterson will not be able to turn it off.
  • A similar situation was in Pre-Alpha with windows above the second floor, they showed the porch of Mr. Peterson's House instead of a reflection.
  • In the full game, the test image for such televisions was removed. The television plays the video only in Alpha 2, in other versions, when the television is turned on, only interference appears on the screen.
  • Mr. Peterson can watch television and laugh at it.
  • Mr. Peterson may also sleep on the bed with the television on.
  • If the player picks up a television, Mr. Peterson will no longer interact with it.
  • The television in Act 3 in the family amenities room will not play anything, similar to the one in Nicky's apartment.




  • This video plays an enabled television from Alpha 2, but in black and white and with a completely different audio track.

Hello, Neighbour! Teaser-0

  • This is its early version

    Trailer Test

    Early Version

  • Part of the audio track from this television show is used for one of the audio tracks that can be found in Alpha 2 files.
  • Part of the audio track from this television show is used for one of the audio tracks for televisions, starting with Alpha 1.
  • The song featured in the announcement trailer is Faust - Act 1 - "Le veau d'or" Rondo of Mefiso.

    Seven Days in May (1964), subtitrat, Kirk Douglas, Ava Gardner, Burt Lancaster

    Audio playing starting with Alpha 1.


    John Glenn & President John F. Kennedy

    Video playing from Alpha 2 Game Files.

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