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In Raven Brooks, not everything is normal. Some things that happen can be supernatural. Here is a list of those and how they play a part in the story.


Unusual Weather

For a town with a creepy weather station, there must be some even creepier weather right? Correct, there are constant storms in the town, and they usually happen right before a Forest Protector ritual.

Facts about the storms

- Sometimes the sky can turn purple during a storm.

- Crows usually fly around in storms.

- They happen at really inconvenient times, like when a Forest Protector found Aaron and Mya stuck in a ditch.

- They are caused by the weather station.

The Flood

- In Graphic Novel #2, Theodore Peterson uses the weather station to cause a flood on the town, which begins an evacuation.

- Theodore is causing the flood so that people know what it's like to lose something they love.

The Luck-Altering Devices

There are devices in Raven Brooks which can alter the town's luck. They are commonly used by Forest Protectors. Theodore Peterson used to own one before it was stolen, and Ike Gershowitz had pieces of one in his wallet, which were given to him by Roger and Adelle Peterson. The Forest Protectors perform rituals with these devices, and a luck change happens.

Some Notable Events The Luck Devices Caused

- Lucy Yi died during the opening day to Golden Apple Amusement Park, but Cleave was intending for Mya to die. (User: Gordon Cleave)

- Theodore stopped being questioned by the German detectives and Diane found a lawyer for the park accident issue. (User: Theodore Peterson)

- Dale Tapps was promoted on the police force. (User: Forest Protectors)

- Dale Tapps was demoted from his spot on the police force. (User: Unspecified)

- Marvin Tavish became mayor. (User: Forest Protectors)

The Time Loop

In Hello Neighbor: Reset Day, it is revealed to Piper that time has been resetting. This is the cause for the sudden change of weather when Piper entered Raven Brooks. Someone keeps resetting time on a random day in November, going all the way back to November 2nd each time it happens. It is not known what the purpose of the time loop is, but once time resets, everyone's brain resets too.

Some Things To Note About The Time Loop

- Enzo Esposito went missing a day before the loops started.

- Before disappearing, Enzo signed someone into Raven Brooks during seismic testing without permission. It is unknown who it is, but they may have something to do with the time loop.

- Due to everyone's brains resetting to November 2nd, the investigation of Enzo's disappearance repeats all over again, and everyone acts like he just went missing.

- Some people learned to avoid the loops by wearing rings with gems in them. While time still resets, you keep all your memories if you wear one.

- The time resets ONLY in Raven Brooks. Marcia Tillman proved this by exiting Raven Brooks, finding out it was March, and re-entering Raven Brooks to see it was November. Marcia had one of the rings.