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Fear Darkness

Fear Darkness takes place in the red key room. In this Fear level, you have to scale up a closet. Fear Darkness could represent Nicky being alone in Book 3, but it could also represent him just being scared of the dark. Fear Darkness was first fully introduced in Alpha 4, and upon beating it, you get the double jump ability.

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  • Fear Darkness was first added in Alpha 3, in a non-completable state. Almost everything was the same except it featured more old art style models, no thing outside the map, and occasionally the eyes at the top of the map would throw objects down at you.
  • Fear Darkness is the easiest Fear level to beat, as you don't need to fetch any objects or dodge AI.
  • Fear Darkness was incompletable in Beta 1 and 2 because of the double jump at the end being broken, as well as the dart's hitbox being messed up.

Fear School

Fear School Cinematic.png

Fear School takes place in the green key room under the stairs by the elevator. It is the hardest Fear level and requires you to reach a exit door before mannequins with red auras catch you. To progress, you must wait for every other bell to ring. The first bell causes the mannequin-students to roll around the level aimlessly, and the second causes them to return to their desks, unable to catch you. Fear School probably represents how before Nicky moved to Raven Brooks, he used to get bullied in school by his classmates.

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  • Just like Fear Darkness, Fear School was added in Alpha 3, but with clones of Nicky instead of the mannequins like in Alpha 4 and onwards.
  • Fear School has an easy exploit to beat it. If you jump up on the tables and carefully parkour across them, the mannequins wont be able to reach you. You can also jump up on the lockers for this as well

Fear Supermarket

Fear Supermarket takes place in the door at the top of the lever puzzle in the blue key room. It's easy to complete once you know what you need to get. To complete Fear Supermarket while avoiding the mannequins, you need 5 items in your cart. These items are a bag of chips, a small jar of pink liquid, as well as a larger jar of pink liquid, orange juice and pickles. Once you complete this puzzle, you will unlock the invisibility ability. When you crouch and stand still, Mr. Peterson (or if your in the level, the mannequins) cannot see you until you move again.

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  • Fear Supermarket wasn't added until Beta 1.
  • Fear Supermarket is the fear level that replaced Fear_Factory, which was scrapped for being too difficult for the development team to create. Fear_Factory would have given you the power throw ability which is available in the full game from Act 1.
  • Fear Supermarket has a 4-6 catch limit, once that rings the level resets and you have to start all over again.