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The Guest, also known as The Forest Protector, and The Visitor is the main antagonist in Hello Neighbor 2.


The Guest wears a dark, striped purplish sweater with a tiny red pocket on the front. The sweater's hood/turtleneck is pulled completely over his head, which is obscured by a large yellow beak, presumably a mask. He has a bag on his back, held on by a string. He has brown striped pants, with black shoes.


Hello Neighbor 2

He can use a fire extinguisher as a flying use, and can also take and throw objects at the player. He uses the garbage bags, boxes, and chairs as fuel for the boiler in the boiler room. He can also take Quentin's belongings and hide them in Mr. Peterson's House. The Guest can open the door to the children room by entering the password into the combination lock.

He's very strong judging by how he can easily throw Quentin at a distant distance.

Hello Guest Prototype - Alpha

The Guest will run around very quickly, sometimes on four limbs. He emits a croaking noise, somewhat similar to a crow call. When looked at, he'll run away. He will try to catch Quentin or Beatrix, running towards them when not looked at to try to get to them. He seems to get more aggressive as the game goes on.

He will also stand in different positions depending on how close you get to him while looking at him, not close enough to make him run. (Either crouching or standing normally.)


In the novel, Hello Neighbor: Bad Blood by Carly Anne West, the story of the Forest Protector was shown. They are creatures with human bodies and crow's beaks. According to the story, they protected the forest and rumors said, they drank human blood.


  1. Very fast
  2. Quiet when far away
  3. Can open up doors and jump high
  4. Can use the Fire Extinguisher
  5. Can pick items up and throw them at Quentin or Beatrix
  6. Can set up traps that fire tiny trash bags at Quentin or Beatrix
  7. Incredible strength, demonstrated by throwing Quentin or Beatrix very far easily
  8. When he is nearby, the lights flicker (see Secret neighbor easter egg, and HN2)


  • Throw objects under his feet, this will make him stumble and fall.
  • Tie a rope in the doorway, which he will also stumble and fall.
  • Hiding behind the curtains and in a closet.
  • Distract by heating the kettle and turning on the alarm clock.


Hello Guest Prototype - January 5, 2020

Hello Guest Alpha 1 - June 13, 2020

Hello Neighbor 2 (Formerly Hello Guest) - July 23, 2020


  • In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 he is about the same speed as the player if the player is sprinting.
  • At the time of Hello Guest development, the developers wanted the Guest to be afraid of the light, but instead he was afraid that we were looking at him. In Hello Neighbor 2, they scrapped this idea.
  • In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1, The Guest cannot open locked doors and jump through windows.
  • Inside the beak of The Guest in Hello Neighbor 2 he has a golden apple, which he pulls out when sitting on a chair.
  • The bed The Guest sleeps on is made of shoes. Possibly from Vandals.
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