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The Thing (also known as "The Shadow Man") is the secondary antagonist of Hello Neighbor franchise and the main antagonist of Secret Neighbor.


Alphas & Betas

In the Alpha and Beta builds of Hello Neighbor, prior to the full release, The Thing appeared as a two-dimensional figure that could've only be seen using cheats or certain camera angles. This rendition of The Thing seemed much shorter than the player and seemed to have a large bundle of curly/messy hair.

Hello Neighbor

In the full release, The Thing has an actual model. It is all black with two bright white glowing eyes. it continuously changes its shape, as its limbs become much thinner, then on the contrary - thicker. Standing still, The Thing often moves hands, torso, legs, and head. He first appears in Alpha 4, in a cut scene with a broken gramophone, the actions of which take place on the behalf of the Neighbor, where covers his eyes with his hands while The Thing comes into the room. It can also be seen in the Fear Darkness behind the map. In Beta 1-2 it can be seen outside the window in Fear Supermarket and Factory. In Beta 3, it can be found in the basement. In the full release, after you beat the neighbor boss, you go to the Fear Hall, where you see all of the neighbor's fears. These fears are represented with the scenes they are resembled by, with The Thing watching nearby. In the full release, he is also in the basement, forcing you to use your Fear Supermarket ability to progress. It became not only an obstacle of the player in the basement though, but it is also the final boss, from which you need to protect your younger self from being overcome by The Thing. After saving your past self from your fears, you overcome them by destroying The Thing, representative of fear itself. At the end of Hello Neighbor, you can see that the neighbor locked himself away from his fears, resulting in him never being able to let go.

Secret Neighbor

In Secret Neighbor, The Thing shows up when you badly hurt Mr. Peterson.


The Thing is a very mysterious character, but through context clues, it is easy to figure out what it really is. It represents Nicky Roth's, and everyone else's fears in the Hello Neighbor universe. As hinted in one of the achievements, after you beat the Thing you get the achievement "No More Fears". He also shows up in every one of the "Fear Rooms." At the end of Hello Neighbor, you can see that the neighbor has tried to hide away from his fears, by metaphorically boarding them up behind a locked door.


  • As hinted by the achievement that you get once you defeat it, the Thing is the representation of Nicky‘s fears.
  • The Thing is theorized to be some kind of demon.
  • Alpha 4 files are in the Final Fight folder.
  • Also in this folder is the Giant Neighbor.
  • In Beta 3, the three-dimensional Something began to hold on to the right hand with his left hand.
    • I'm...not sure what this means...but I won't delete it because it may be important.
  • The fact that it appears the Fear Rooms shows that it is the embodiment of fear.
  • Sometimes it's called the Shadow.
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