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The world can be such a scary place. I build fantasy lands that are supposed to make people forget that, or at least put a barrier between them and the fear, just for a little while. But what's the use if I can't protect my family from the worst of it?
Theodore Peterson

Theodore Peterson (better known as "The Neighbor" or “Mr. Peterson") is the main antagonist of the Hello Neighbor Franchise. He was a theme park designer who had built theme parks on 6 continents, but none of them ended well. His role in the books as the town's outcast has been expanded on in Hello Neighbor 2.



Theodore Peterson

Theodore Peterson is an odd person. As a father, he hardly talks to his kids or wife. He has a wife and two kids, and moved into Raven Brooks from Germany after a horrible accident happened on the Ferneh Welt. They moved into Theodore's childhood home in 910 Friendly Court, which used to belong to his parents. His very first amusement park was built in 1984, and was located in a place named Bosco Bay. He created parks across six continents and his most recent one was in Raven Brooks. The Golden Apple corporation hired Theodore to design a theme park for them, which was called the Golden Apple Amusement Park. He works in his office in the basement all the time and barely comes out to talk to his family. He is a family man, as he will do everything he can to make sure his family is safe. However, after an accident happened, he had to protect his son by locking him in his own basement.


The Guest is an antagonist of Hello Neighbor 2. He lurks at both the Golden Apple Amusement Park and Theodore's House. According to the game designer (Nikita Kolesnikov), the Guest loves to keep his golden apple and won't let anyone take it from him.

It is unknown what the goals of the Guest are.

There are carvings of the Guest around Raven Brooks in Hello Neighbor: Reset Day.

Storyline of The Neighbor


When Theodore was a child, he always played around in his house with his best friend Ike Gershowitz. His parents were popular meteorologists and built a Meteostation. Theodore used to sometimes go to the tunnels below it with Ike. However, the town became suspicious of his parents and what they were working on, and the parents were becoming a little unhinged. Sometime in the late sixties to the late seventies, they mysteriously disappeared.

The Secrets of Bosco Bay

In 1984, Theodore was working on an amusement park in Bosco Bay, and used the brother of a girl named Jen to test one of his rides. To Theodore's surprise, the brother died. Jen took it the wrong way and thought Theodore had some kind of "plan."

The Ferneh Welt and the Peterson family's Bad Blood

In 1991, Theodore's park in Germany was closed after an accident happened on a Flume Ride resulting in the death of four teenagers, who drowned. The Peterson family quickly left and moved to Raven Brooks, Missouri. The house they moved into belonged to Theodore's parents. Theodore joked about taking his son's new room since it used to be his. Theodore set up an office in the basement and started working down there a lot. He noticed his son's unique drawing talent and it intrigued him. A little while later, the Golden Apple corporation asked him to make an amusement park for them, which he agreed to. Theodore reunited with Ike Gershowitz and they ate pizza for dinner at the Peterson's house. However, Theodore got angry at Ike and told him to leave. Ike went missing after that. His wallet was found in a tunnel.

The Mystery of the Puzzle Master and the Grave Mistake

The Golden Apple Amusement Park opened, and a girl named Lucy Yi was in the front cart of the Rotten Core Roller Coaster. Due to the lack of safety features and the work of Gordon Cleave, she fell into a tree and died. Not long after, two detectives from Germany came to try to get Theodore arrested for the Germany accident, but they failed. After Ike's wallet was found, Theodore stole it and worked in the basement for weeks. The wallet had pieces to a secret device in it, which Ike found from Theodore's parents. Theodore made his own device with it, and it worked just like any of the other devices. It was able to give the user good luck but gave the people without it bad luck. It was stolen by a society of humans in bird costumes called "Forest Protectors" before Theodore was able to give it to the puzzle master, who was going to keep it safe. The Forest Protectors used it in a ritual when a storm started and gave the town bad luck. However, it didn't seem to work, due to two of them, Gordon Cleave and Dale Tapps being arrested and one losing their job not more than a day later. During this ritual, the Lucy Yi ceremony was also going on, and the Golden Apple Amusement Park burned down, causing the forest it was in to start catching on fire and the tunnels near where the rituals happened to fill with smoke and collapse.

The Missing Pieces


In 1995, Theodore's son befriended the kid across the street, Nicky Roth. One time Nicky came over for a sleepover and got into rooms he wasn't supposed to while looking for a glass of water and Theodore spooked him back to Aaron's room. Later, He and his wife leave to go to a store. Sadly, they get in a vehicle accident with a pizza truck and Diane gets injured. Theodore waits in the hospital until she eventually dies. His son got really mad and accidentally pushes his sister off the roof of the house while playing a game. Mya gets buried in the backyard. At Diane's funeral, Theodore was inside the house and he started having a breakdown. He locks Aaron in the basement to keep him from dying like Diane and Mya, and becomes extra unhinged.

Nicky's Waking Nightmare and the Neighbor's Buried Secrets

Locking the Basement Door.

Theodore was searching the Golden Apple Amusement Park for scrap parts for his basement. He told the town that Aaron and Mya were with an Aunt Lisa in Minnesota. One day, while chopping up meat, he realized Nicky was in his house, due to the piece of tape left on the front door that moved. He walked up to the closet he suspected Nicky was in but his doorbell rang and it distracted him. Theodore's wife's phone book got stolen by Nicky and it turns out Nicky's friend bribed a mailman to ring the doorbell to save him. Theodore angrily went back to his work. Later, he entered Nicky's house and stole the phone book back. Half a year later, Theodore tried to frame Nicky by setting up random scenarios, and it worked. People weren't sure if Nicky was innocent, causing him to lose his friends. One night, Nicky entered Aaron's window, but Theodore figured out how he entered, and the next morning he chopped down the tree Nicky climbed.

Hello Neighbor

After a long time of working, Theodore realized Nicky broke into his basement. He locks the door back, trapping Nicky in. Using another entrance, he looks for Nicky and then he finds out Nicky wandered into his underground amusement park and welcomed him. The park resembled a prison, and Nicky was trapped. 2 months later, Aaron let Nicky out of the room, and he had to escape the house. Theodore attempted to chase Nicky across the street, but Aaron distracted him and Nicky got away.

Missing Criminal

Not long after, Theodore was wanted by the police due to Nicky telling about him, but then Theodore went missing, and no one can find him.

Hello Neighbor 2 (What we know)


A journalist named Quentin, who works for the Raven Brooks Mirror (WCR4, Wayron Croobs Rimmor), is trying to uncover the secrets of Theodore Peterson since no one else is brave enough, but it will be hard for him.

The Reset Day

Theodore Peterson has vanished. The town wonders what happened to him. He reveals himself to Piper.

Reset Day as the Guest

In Hello Neighbor: Reset Day, the Guest has kidnapped Enzo Esposito. Enzo's sister, Maritza, is looking after Enzo's two kids. At the end of the book, the Guest kidnaps Piper Tillman’s Mother.

The Guest is well known in the town, as there are carvings of him.

It is unknown why the Guest kidnaps people, but he most likely causes the time loops happening in Raven Brooks.

At the end of the story, the Guest messages Piper telling her she has nowhere to run, and sends her an image of the one and only Theodore Peterson, ready to find her.

Roth's Trauma

19 years after Act 2, Theodore still haunts Nicky into his adulthood. Nicky moves back to the house across from his Neighbor. Theodore is long gone, yet Nicky can't seem to get him out of his head. In the warped reality known as Act 3, Nicky sees The Neighbor lock up Aaron yet again. Nicky gets in the basement and past the locked door after beating his 3 main fears, and faces and defeats the fear of Theodore. While Nicky defeats his fear of Ted, Peterson still couldn't get over the fear of his last remaining family member and had to live with it.

Hello Neighbor (Alphas to Betas)


In Pre-Alpha to Alpha 1, We know little about the Neighbor. All we know is that there's something weird in his basement, and he doesn't want us in. In Alpha 1, we get a little more hints to the Neighbor's backstory. A car crash and a carnival. Many people speculated the Neighbor was a former circus clown whose family died.


In Alpha 1.5/Alpha 2, we learn more things. The Neighbor has a family in his basement, and he fights one of the family members in the intro, who fights back and runs away. In the basement, there's a ritual like setting, with a mannequin, a baby crib, a mattress/bed that someone was most likely in, a teddy and a few toy bricks. Once you get to the end of the basement (Alpha 1.5 Basement Trailer ONLY), you hear a child scream and the trailer ends.

In Alpha 3, We learn about the Neighbor being scared of the Thing. He's crying and judging by the car and the boxes, he just moved in. Most likely his family died and the Thing was haunting him.

In Alpha 4, we see him praying on top of the windmill in the intro cutscene, most likely praying for his family.

In Beta 3, it seems as if they made Nicky the Neighbor's son before the full game. There's a picture of the Neighbor's house with 2 people on the porch. The ending could mean Nicky beating his fear of his abusive dad. The scrapped Beta 3 ending shows Nicky going to the church after moving into his house, meaning the events of Beta 3 were in Nicky's head and he is most likely visiting Theodore's grave.

Hello Neighbor 2 Alphas

Hello Guest Prototype (Guest)

Bad Ending: The Guest blows up Mayak.

In this build, it is hinted at that the Guest killed 3 people who entered Mayak (by the ride).

Hello Guest Alpha 1 (Guest)

The Guest fights the Man in the Hat but then captures Quentin/Beatrix

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 (Guest)

The Guest is shown locking what Quentin presumes is Mr. Peterson in the attic of his own house, the Guest clearly being protective of it with a red lock, like Mr. Peterson with his basement in the first game.

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5 (Guest)

The Guest is first shown burning children's toys, perhaps attempting to burn the evidence that he's kidnapped them. Once the Guest hears a doorbell ring from outside, he notices 3 children dressed up for trick or treating, The Guest crawls to the top of the house and quickly kidnaps them and locks all three of them into the attic. While kidnapping them, the screen is blocked by a missing poster, and it shows the scene again, where the Guest climbs into the attic, removes the ladder, and leaves the kids in there.




Theodore Peterson has a yellow shirt with rolled up sleeves. He wears black rubber gloves and black and white sneakers. He has a blue argyle pattern vest over his shirt and orange striped pants.

Theodore is muscular and strong. His hair is brown with some gray spots, and his eyes are green. He has a curled mustache and a red nose. His cheekbones are strong like his chin. He has a poorly shaven beard and a swirl on his chin. He is pale and has small ears.

In Hello Neighbor: Reset Day, Theodore looks older. While he has his regular clothes, he also has the Guest suit, which he wears most of the time.



As the Guest, Theodore wears a dark, striped purple sweater with a tiny red pocket on the front, which has a tissue. The sweater's hood is pulled completely over his head, which is obscured by a large yellow beak as a mask. He has a patched-up bag on his back, held on by a string. He has brown lined pants, with black shoes and yellow laces. His gloves also noticeably have dirt on them. His suit was found in the garbage.

On the other hand, in Hello Neighbor: Reset Day, the Guest is described to emit a smoky smell to the people around him. He has a hooked beak and strands of feathers on his limbs. Under the beak is a mustache, and the Guest has giant limbs. He has talons on his hands.



Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek

In Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, he cares a lot about his family. He loves his children and his wife. When Diane died, he went into a state of sadness. He got mad at Aaron before Aaron accidentally killed Mya.

Hello Neighbor

After the death of his daughter Mya, Mr. Peterson became very cranky. He locked up Aaron in fear of losing him and became very protective of his house. He gets frustrated dealing with Nicky taking his stuff and he is also very unhinged. He takes things from the old Golden Apple Amusement Park for his theme park in the basement and occasionally patrols the Forest.

Hello Neighbor 2

Theodore is very mysterious, protecting his house. He is rumored to have kids in his basement, but no one has any proof. He seems to be avoiding the police, and seems to inhabit more than one house.


Mr. Peterson and his family moved from Germany to Raven Brooks in hope of escaping the past. They moved into the former home of Roger and Adelle Peterson (Ted's Parents,) in 910 Friendly Court in 1991. Diane, his wife, is very outgoing. She easily made some friends in Raven Brooks and loves to cook for the family. Aaron, his son, was very introverted, being in middle school, liking to stay in the basement drawing what he felt like.

Besides being friends with Enzo, Trinity, and Maritza, Aaron was a loner, just like his sister Mya. Mya was in elementary school at the time. She became best friends with Maritza and Lucy Yi. However, when the storms and crows came back after they moved in, the Town thought the family was cursed. Aaron and Mya got bullied at school and Theodore lost some motivation in working on his park after people vandalized the rides.

In Hello Neighbor: Puzzle Master we learn that Theodore is helping Norman Darby hide the devices from the forest protectors to protect his family and prove his own innocence, like Aaron is also doing.

He found pieces of the devices in the wallet of the deceased Ike Gershowitz.

Artificial Intelligence

Theodore Peterson has one mission. Keeping you from discovering his secrets.

Hello Neighbor


Hello Neighbor- AI Rundown

In Pre-Alpha, Mr. Peterson is notably not as intelligent as most Hello Neighbor builds. In the first stage of the game, he mainly sits in random chairs or watches television constantly. After the Giant Neighbor nightmare sequence, the second stage of the game will begin and Mr. Peterson's behavior changes. He will become less repetitive. He starts each day by grabbing a box from outside to prevent the player from seeing through the living room window, camps the front lawn and the garage for some reason, and occasionally works on his car. In hunt mode, he places cameras on where he thinks the player went and then places bear traps in random spots in the grass for some reason. It's a good thing they changed it to doors and windows since those are more effective. He is faster than your walking speed, so sprinting helps.

In Alpha 1, Theodore is literally Superman. He can see through wardrobes and beds, occasionally walls, and places cameras randomly to predict where you're going. It's smart, but too smart and makes him seem like some kind of robot or alien. He no longer is brought to thrown objects. He is slower than the player at first but progressively gets faster the more you get caught.

In Alpha 2, Mr. Peterson becomes more human. Doing activities like drinking milk (which is called water in the files??), taking baths, peeing, taking a nap, and watching television. He could do most of these in earlier builds, but it wasn't as common and rarely happened. Good luck trying to escape, since he's faster than you even when you're sprinting!

Alpha 3's behavior is the same as Alpha 2, except he reacts to flashlights and is almost the same speed as Nicky.

Alpha 4 is the same as Alpha 3, but with more glitches and more chances to do idle activities, along with having less vision.

In the Betas, the AI was similar to Alpha 4, but it can climb ladders and other cool things.

In the Full Release, the AI was majorly improved. His walking animation was changed, giving him a limp on his right leg. He now sets traps and cameras near fallen objects, places traps at doors that weren't open before, uses a vacuum to capture Nicky from below, occasionally uses shortcuts, and is overall the most human version of his AI. In Act 1, he twitches his right leg while sleeping.

Hello Neighbor 2


Hello Neighbor 2 - Official Mr. Peterson AI Trailer - ID@Xbox -twitchgaming

In Hello Neighbor 2, Mr. Peterson's AI uses a neural network to navigate. He is organized about his lifestyle and does not do things randomly. You must occasionally have close quarter encounters with his AI to beat the game.

The moments where you could run away to your house as soon as being seen are gone. It's easy to get in the house, but harder to get out. To solve this, you can experiment and find new ways to trick the AI and find out its rules. Now the AI actually has goals, and understands the environment and how to use it. The AI of Mr. Peterson can understand the geometry of rooms on its own.

You can influence the Mr. Peterson's daily life, making him cold or scared before he even starts chasing you. He will modify his daily routine to learn how to trick you, but don't worry! Along the way, you will find new tricks of your own.

Hello Neighbor 2 Alphas

In Hello Guest Alpha 1, Theodore as the Guest is sneaky. His goal is to catch the player from behind. He lurks the park waiting to attack. To defend yourself, look at him. Sometimes his animation changes. Usually he crouches, but sometimes he peeks from around corners when the player is looking at him. The Guest follows the paths of the player, jumping onto what they jump on, running to where they run.

In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1, the Guest's AI majorly changed. Now he guards his house. His movement animations were changed and it now seems like the guest limps on his right leg. The Guest now catches and drags you to a certain point and then throws you, causing you to lose all your items. The Guest gets angry when you steal the key from the furnace, and he mainly guards the key, throwing trash into the furnace to keep it on. Occasionally, the Guest goes to make tea or sleep. While sleeping, the Guest's right leg twitches. In the open world, the Guest stalks the player but when he gets to the player he steals an item from them. The Guest uses a fire extinguisher to get to high places.

In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5, the Guest's behavior is similar to alpha 1, but he now has different states. He hears thrown items and goes to check them. He sometimes isn't sure whether the player is in his presence or gone. To avoid him, crouch and stand still. He will make a sad noise and walk away.


Hello Neighbor

  • Inhuman sense of hearing. (Pre-Alpha)
  • Inhuman Strength (Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1), can throw bear traps a long distance.
  • Engineering. Can build cameras, amusement park rides, and hidden gates in his house (Act 1)
  • Speed. He can catch up to Nicky, who usually is a really fast kid.
  • Smarts. He can guess where Nicky has been.
  • Stealth. He sneaks up to Nicky.
  • Fearful. A dark aura blurs Nicky's vision when Theodore is near.
  • Accuracy. He can hit Nicky with glue and tomatoes.
  • Architecture. He can make roller coasters.

Hello Neighbor 2

  • Learning what strategies the community uses.
  • Replicating the Player's movement
  • Surprising the Player.
  • Changes each encounter.


Hello Neighbor

Ways to defend with the Neighbor also change, depending on the version of the game because it is endowed or deprived of certain functions and abilities.

Pre-Alpha & Alpha 1 (Hunt Mode)

  • Hiding under a bed
  • Hiding in a closet

Pre-Alpha & Alpha 1 (Attack Mode)

  • Running back to your house and sleeping
  • Running out of the Neighbor's sight
  • Installing bear traps to stun the Neighbor
  • Blocking the doors with chairs (He breaks them down in Alpha 1 and later only)

Note: In these versions, Theodore Peterson will not get stuck in a bear trap unless it has been installed by the Player.

After Alpha 2

Mr. Peterson using a vacuum cleaner.

  • Hiding in closets (Unless he sees you)
  • Propping up the doors with chairs (Only slows down the Neighbor. He will break it down in a few hits.)
  • Climb into places inaccessible to the Neighbor. (In the full game, starting with version 1.3, the Neighbor will use a vacuum cleaner to catch Nicky in such situations)
  • Lure him into the bear traps he supplied (you can also install it yourself). He will get stunned
  • Throw useless objects (or shoot with the toy rifle). This slows down Theodore for a short period of time.
  • Located in the dark (However, starting with Alpha 4, The Neighbor takes a flashlight in the evening and at night).
  • Distract by smashing windows or turning off the power.
  • After passing the Fear School, you can push the Neighbor. You have to press spacebar very quickly. (Starting with Alpha 4).

Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Guest Alpha 1

  • Always look behind you

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1/1.5

  • Throw objects under his feet. This will make him stumble and fall.
  • Tie a rope in a doorway.
  • Hiding behind the curtains and in the closets.
  • Distract by heating the kettle and turning on the alarm clock.

Full Release

  • Placing buckets of paint above doorways, similar to how the Neighbor would place water buckets in doors in HN1
  • Messing with his plumbing. This will cause him to exit the area to try and fix it.
  • Make him cold. He will go to a heater and stay there.


Hello Neighbor

  • The Neighbor in the Pre-Alpha is faster than the player, but the player can escape by using the shift key.
  • In Alpha 1, the Neighbor is slower than the player even when the player is walking. The slowest version of the Neighbor. He gets faster the more you get caught, though.
  • In Alpha 2, the Neighbor outruns the player even when the player is sprinting.
  • After Alpha 2, the Neighbor is almost the exact same speed as the player's run speed.
  • In the Full Game's Friendly Mode, the Neighbor is around the speed of the Pre-Alpha Neighbor.

Hello Neighbor 2

As Theodore

  • Soon..

As Guest

  • In the Hello Guest Prototype and Hello Guest Alpha, it is difficult to tell how fast the guest is, since he is never running when you are looking at him. He is about as fast as Quentin.
  • In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 and Alpha 1.5, the Guest moves slower, making it so Quentin can escape easily


Hello Neighbor

  • Getting hit with anything that Nicky throws at him. This causes him to be temporarily stunned, giving him time to escape.
  • Getting shot with the rifle
  • Getting stuck in his own traps.
  • Getting pushed over by Nicky (Act 3)

Hello Neighbor 2

  • Player finding new routes.

Behind The Scenes

Since Hello Neighbor is my first project it taught me (and all of the team) a lot of cool stuff about life and game development, that's for sure. It's hard to explain, but Hello Neighbor is kind of ME. I put inside more of myself than I thought I did.
Nikita Kolesnikov, Game Designer (July 27, 2017)

Originally, the Neighbor started out as a sketch on a piece of paper with other neighbor concepts. Nikita got the idea of a game where you break in to your neighbor's house, and he was looking for a design for the antagonist. They remade said sketch into a clay sculpture, which they scanned into the game as a model. Eventually, the model was improved, and the one they stuck with was used until the Release of Hello Neighbor.



  • In Hello Neighbor 2, Theodore is yet again a main antagonist.
  • The AI for the Neighbor in Hello Neighbor 2 uses a neural network.
  • Theodore is referred to in the Hello Neighbor files as "neighbour_lowpoly" and in the Hello Neighbor 2 files he is "neighbor_head" and "neighbor_body".
  • In Hello Neighbor Alpha 1, the Neighbor is stuck in an idle animation during the tutorial.
  • The Neighbor had 666 on his shoes until Alpha 3.
  • Alpha 2 is the only build where the Neighbor drinks milk.
  • Theodore has made amusement parks in 6 continents.
  • The AI in Hello Neighbor 2 is more advanced than the AI in Hello Neighbor.
  • Theodore was revealed to be the Guest in Hello Neighbor: Reset Day.


  • In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1, and Alpha 1.5, The Guest cannot open locked doors or jump through windows.
  • Inside the beak of The Guest in Hello Neighbor 2 is a golden apple, which he pulls out when sitting on a chair.
  • The bed The Guest sleeps on is made of shoes.
  • The Guest's voice was replaced in Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5 with a non-stock sound that now has many variations, expressing different emotions and moods. If he's angry, he clicks loudly.
  • The Guest's design was based off of a schnabelperchten. Schnabelperchtens are part of a German tradition where people in bird outfits enter houses and make "ga" sounds.
  • The Guest was revealed to be Theodore Peterson in Hello Neighbor: Reset Day.

Appearances (Media)

Theodore Appearances

Hello Neighbor - December 8, 2017

Hello Neighbor: Missing Pieces - August 28, 2018

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek - December 7, 2018

Hello Neighbor: Waking Nightmare - December 26, 2018

Hello Neighbor: Buried Secrets- July 30, 2019

Secret Neighbor - October 24, 2019

Hello Neighbor: Bad Blood - December 26, 2019

Hello Neighbor 2 (Alpha 1) - July 23, 2020

Hello Neighbor: Grave Mistakes - August 4, 2020

Hello Neighbor: The Secret of Bosco Bay - October 6, 2020

Hello Neighbor 2 (Alpha 1.5) - October 26, 2020

Hello Neighbor: Puzzle Master - December 29, 2020

Hello Neighbor 2 - 2021

Hello Neighbor: Reset Day - May, 2021

Hello Neighbor: The Raven Brooks Disaster - 2021

Guest Appearances

Hello Guest Prototype - January 5, 2020

Hello Guest Alpha 1 - June 13, 2020

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 - July 23, 2020

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5 - October 26, 2020

Hello Neighbor: Reset Day - May 4, 2021

Hello Neighbor 2 - 2021

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