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This section presents everything that the developers planned to introduce into Hello Neighbor but was never implemented, or it could list things that have appeared in the game's builds, but became later scrapped.

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Unused Animations

Animation of the Hammer


This animation can be found in the files of the game from Pre-Alpha to Alpha 3, it was demonstrated in the announcement trailer. A possible reason for the removal of the element was the fact that with this animation it was possible to slowly break one board, but not all at once. Scrapped from the Prototype build, not used in the Pre-Alpha. However, the animation would be revamped for the first Alpha of Hello Neighbor 2's Crowbar.

Animation of the Copper Key and Lock Pick.

Hello Neighbor key animations.gif

Lockpick animations.gif

Animation of the Copper Key and Screwdriver

In the game files from Alpha 1 to Alpha 3, you can find animations of a copper key and a screwdriver that may have interacted with the padlock that locked the basement door.


Unused Houses


Main article: Neighbor 3 Test House

This map was present in the Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 files. It was a large platform on which a large unused house is located with several elements that do not work in current developments. In it, you can find two rooms (kitchen and bedroom), made to represent the cartoon style. According to the developers, this card is a test one. It presents everything that the developers planned to introduce into Secret Neighbor, but this was never implemented. And for some reason, there's a Neighbor sleeping in the air whilst another active Neighbor chases you.

Alpha 3 Neighbor_3

Alpha3Neighbor 3.png

Within the files of Alpha 3, this version of the neighbor_3 test map seems to have some noticeable changes which are a brighter skylight and direct light, as well as the Neighbor having a trail of cubes behind him which is probably caused by them testing out something to do with the Neighbor or AI however we're not sure.

Bucket Hallucination

In Alpha 3 there exists a Flat Plane, Only with a Bucket in the middle, Standing still gives you this woozy Spinning Disk effect on your screen, What this was used for is unknown, But it might have been used as testing for the Crouch Ability.

Standing still for too long kills you, And walking off the map kills you as well, the Bucket has full collision


This fear was supposed to appear in the Full Game but remained only in the game files. It is no different from the Mod Kit version.

Alpha 1 House's Unused Floors

These are the unused floors for Mr. Peterson's House in Alpha 1.

Third floor (not in the game)

Concept floor plan for the rest of the floors.

Unfortunately, the staircase to the third floor is obstructed by various furniture and is completely inaccessible. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors were not completed due to the scrapping of the Alpha 1 house.

Based on a concept floor plan of the Alpha 1 house, the following rooms should have been on the third floor:

  • Water room
  • Depot
  • Mannequin room
  • Kitchen
  • Cabinet
  • Safe
  • Room with conveyor
  • Combat room
  • Hospital ward

Fourth floor (not in the game)

  • Room with an electronic magnet
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Revolving room

Fifth floor (not in the game)

  • Zero gravity room (lower section)
  • Attic

Sixth floor (not in the game)

  • Zero gravity room (upper section)
  • Fire room

Unused Rifle Range Level 2

The Rifle Range in Alpha 1 was unfinished, allowing you to get the silver key no matter how many times you shoot the targets, but it wouldn't give you any of the other rewards. Inside the files though lays leftovers of a "Level 2" for the Rifle Range. This contained a Mirror and "Pride." Pride of which has no texture but has a model. The Mirror is fully modeled and textured.

Unused Pause Menu

From Alphas 1 to 3, a "hidden" pause menu can be discovered by pressing the M key while in-game. This menu was most likely still unfinished.

Alpha 4 was the first build to have a properly working pause menu.

Note that the Pre-Alpha has no pause menu, instead the Escape key quits the game.

Alpha 1

The menu is in English, and supports the mouse to an extent. However, only "Continue" works as Settings and Save and Quit seem to be dysfunctional. Trying to save the settings does nothing as the graphics are instead decided by a wizard before starting or after completion of Alpha 1. The graphics menu lists resolutions from 720p to 1080p, none of which are selectable in the startup settings. Of note is that the Advanced Options menu lists all options as always being at Low, and they are reset to this value upon leaving.

Alpha 2

The menu remains, but has been translated to Russian. The menus have less functionality, as the mouse is invisible and the keyboard commands no longer work. Only the first and third menu options work properly as they translate to "Continue" and "Save and Quit".

Alpha 3

Because the Russian fonts were apparently removed in Alpha 3 (since nobody would normally access the pause menu anyway), all menu text besides the game title is in unicode letters consisting of a mirrored R.

Unused Icons

In the Prototype and Pre-Alpha, these icons were supposed to be used to show what you had in your inventory. Most objects had not had an icon created for them, and would appear as a different object in the inventory when picked up.

Unused Player Model

This player model was used only in the Prototype and Pre-Alpha. It has no textures and only its shadow is visible.

In Alpha 1, the protagonist had no model or shadow. You can find a player model with unique arms and the Neighbor's body, but no head, in the Hello Neighbor modkit files. It is presumably the unused Alpha 1 player model which also served as an early test model for Nicky's animations in Alpha 2.

Unused Sounds of the Neighbor

From Pre-Alpha to the Full Version of Hello Neighbor, there are unused sound files that contain the Neighbor swearing and uttering offensive words, possibly threatening the protagonist to show themselves. In the announcement trailer, the Neighbor can be heard swearing out loud in annoyance. Due to Fandom rules, we cannot upload them here, you can find them on Youtube though.

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