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Paintings Set

There is a set of five paintings that can be found in the Alpha 2 files, they serve a decorative purpose only.


Two new chair models were added in the Alpha 2 files, they look like they are made of wood and are painted red. One has a broken leg. A rocking chair can also be found in the Alpha 2 files, no clue if this object would've had a use, or if it was just decorative.

Elevator Floor Indicator

This is a model that can be found in the Alpha 1 files, it was included with the rest of the elevator models but for unknown reasons, this one was removed, and later added in Alpha 3 and Alpha 4 where it can be seen on top of the elevator door, showing the number of the floor the elevator is currently on (feature not implemented).


The slingshot can be found in the Pre-Alpha files, it has no function, we can imagine it being used to throw items like the rock from a distance. Can be seen in fear darkness. Retextured in Beta 3.

Pot of Glue

It is a big pot of glue that can be found in the Neighbor_3 map, it could've probably served the same purpose as the glue nowadays.

Blue Window

This blue window can be found in the Neighbor_3 map, it is used as a test object for a scene.

Spider Web

This spider web can be found in the Alpha 2 files, it is most likely used with the BP_Spider, a test blueprint featuring a spider that holds an item and could attack the player.

Garage Remote

It is a small remote that was able to open/close the garage door from a distance.


In the game files, there exists a model of a saw, there is no texture. It was probably used as either a placeholder or another form of the crowbar.

Two Buckets

In the Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1 files, for some reason, you can find two connected buckets that have no texture, because of which they are painted in broken pixels and a multi-colored cell. The red bucket is also half-blue. It has the grass texture from the sandbox game, Roblox.


An unreleased, old version of the rock, found in files from Pre-Alpha to Alpha 2. Soon it was replaced by another rock with a different texture and model. It was implemented in Alpha 2 but was removed. It was put back in the game after.


Unused item found in files from Pre-Alpha to Alpha 3, probably used for when the neighbor takes a bath/showers or as an alternative to the banana trap.

Tall Box

The tall box found only in the Prototype. It is located in the backyard of the Neighbor's house. It is not known whether there are still such boxes. Most likely, it can be selected in the same way as ordinary boxes. Perhaps the inventory has a different icon. The mannequin could be inside. It would be easier to use to climb stuff.

Combination Lock

A 10 digit combination lock (or keypad) was present only in Pre-Alpha. It was used as a locking mechanism for the basement door. The code for the combination lock is written in invisible ink behind a crookedly hung picture. To see it, you need the ultraviolet lamp. Inputting the correct code would unlock it. The combination lock has returned in Hello Neighbor 2 but serves a different purpose.

Copper Key and Copper Lock

The copper key and copper lock were present in the game from Prototype to Alpha 3. A copper lock hung on the basement door In the Prototype, Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1. In Alpha 2, it hangs on two doors in the basement itself. Alpha 4 has been removed. Secret Neighbor has used the copper key icon for some time.

Red/Silver Key and Lock

Present in the game in Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. Initially, the key was in Alpha 1 on the box and was needed to remove the red lock on which the main door to the main character’s house is closed. Then in Alpha 2 there are three pairs of objects at once: The first is used to have access to the workshop, and the second and third pairs are in the basement and are completely useless. In Alpha 3, the red lock was removed, but the red key remained, which is in the Alpha 3 files. Most likely, this key and lock were removed because the keys and locks, starting with Alpha 3, became cartoony, but these did not. was realistic. The lock and key icons were used in the training of the Beta versions of Hello Neighbor.


The microwave was present in the Prototype, Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1. In Alpha 2, it was removed for unknown reasons.

Ultraviolet Lamp

The ultraviolet lamp was present only in Pre-Alpha. It was needed to find the code for the combination lock. In Alpha 1, the combination lock was removed, and with it the ultraviolet lamp.


The jackhammer was present only in Alpha 1. It is needed in order to destroy a brick wall, and this is necessary in order to get into the nursery, where there is a copper key, which was written about above. Due to the fact that with Alpha 2 there is nothing that could be destroyed using this item, the item was removed. A part of the brick wall appeared in the full game (in the basements of Act 1 and Act 3), made of several bricks, but at the same time, the bricks can be knocked down by the main character or any object.

Water Bottle

The water bottle appeared only in Pre-Alpha. It is a useless item. It has a label that says "Stix", which may be a reference to the Styx River.

Xbox One

Added to Alpha 4, the item was an "easter-egg" to show the players the game was coming out on Xbox One, in the same room, you could find the original release date of the game. In Beta 3, it was removed due to the game being delayed. It looks like a green box with a white "X" and a "1" on it.


The cactus can be found in the Alpha 2 and Mod Kit files. Parts of the cactus can be found in the Mod-kit and can be placed on maps.

Box With Lego

The Lego box first appeared in Alpha 4 files in the Final Battle folder (BP only). The model and textures are missing and it is not known what function it had. In Mod Kit, the model and texture uses a cube, but there is no function.

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