aka Andi

  • I live in The US (thats all I'm saying because of privacy)
  • I was born on April 30
  • I am Female

Introduction (Or Bio) == Hello! When I was very little (let's say 7 or 8) I found this YouTuber (whose name I'm not going to say), and the video was a Hello Neighbor video. I watched it because the thumbnail and title seemed intriguing and I was curious to see what this video was. Before, I had only watched Minecraft on YouTube. The video almost became a part of me, and I watched the rest of the videos that I could. I wouldn't say I was obsessed with the game, because I wasn't. It was just a very nice video series to watch. I never knew what was gonna happen. Even after finishing the series and learning about the missing posters, I still had unanswered questions. Then, maybe a year after I finished the series, I stumbled upon the videos again. I watched every single one again and would rewatch the series. It was part of my childhood. I then stumbled upon this wiki, and I finally was able to share my theories and get answers. I then forgot about the wiki, and recently picked it up again. I've always had some love for writing too, so I was able to edit the articles. I then became a Rollback! If you're reading this, Thank you. If you ever need help feel free to message me. I'm here for you. :)

About Me

  • My name is Andi (and yes, I am a girl)
  • I try my best to be here for everyone and will support everyone so don't worry about coming to me about something.
  • My favorite colors are Orange, Purple, Green, and Blue
  • I enjoy listening to a variety of music
  • I am currently in the works of making a song! it will be posted on my soundcloud and i'm gonna make some sort of social media for updates! (my soundcloud : [1])
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