Vandals are the minor antagonists of Hello Guest.


They look like teenagers in black jackets with a blade, and a patch with the inscription I am bad “I'm bad” dressed in tight jeans and red sneakers. Behind him is a backpack with the inscription KILLER warped in English. And the satanic pentagram. The face is closed and only the nose sticks out. In the Amusement Park, they go with their heads bowed and wearing white masks.

In older versions, the vandals appeared as simple 3D humanoids, with simply shaped bodies and blocky feet and hands. They had luminous eyes similar to The Thing, but theirs were yellow and angled. Other than this, they had no texture.


The Vandals will climb over the walls of the park to get in. When inside, they'll try to kick at the stands and rides in the map of Hello Guest. If Quentin or Beatrix goes near the Vandals, they will gasp and proceed to run away to climb over the walls of the park. The more that they vandalize the park, the more money is taken off the player's paycheck in-game.


Hello Guest

Vandals are a minor antagonist in this game. They will attack various objects, kicking, etc. if left attacking, they will eventually set objects on fire. When approached, they run away and climb over a stone fence. They may appear in large numbers. Unlike The Guest,  they run away when caught, and also do not catch or attack the player. The player can attack them throwing objects at them when they are climbing a wall, and sometimes they will put their hands up. In test map exclusively, if the player has their flashlight out, the vandals will follow. If they are successfully trapped somewhere, they will stay there all the shift, but if the player stops to look at them, they'll run away.


  • They were the second character with a defective model. (First - Quentin)
  • (Prototype) One of the sounds of their equipment failure was taken from Secret Neighbor.
  • These are the only characters who can't attack.
  • This is the third character with the unfinished model, the rest: Quentin (Prototype)
  • If you get out of the map, you may be able to watch them climb over the wall from the other side. If you do, you will see that they will just appear when on top of the wall.
  • It appears that they wear the masks on top of their heads, like how one would use a hat, this can be more noticeable when they are scared away.
  • if a vandal opens a door from the test map, they will put their heads up because they don't have a open animation and they will use the Visitor animation.
  • A vandal can be scared with somethings like a air horn, a Scarecrow, or by simple light.
  • Also the vandals seem to be scared of the scarecrows more then the Guest himself.
  • sometimes when a lot of vandals are scared away they get stuck trying to climb the stone walls.
  • In the Early versions of Alpha 1, the vandals were getting stuck in the same place being completely idle, in the update to Alpha 1 this was fixed mostly.
  • If Quentin/Beatrix puts 2 Security Cameras in the Mixer machine a Vandal will appear T-Posing and making strange spinning around or making other things.
  • Vandals for some reason they make his scare animation when they spawn for a second this was something from the prototype
  • The vandals will always look at the player directly when they get scared.
  • The vandals stay completely idle when the player starts the game.
  • When the vandals are caught in the detention room they stand in a line.
  • Strangely some vandals can be seen in the Raven Brooks Live feed, but they don't appear in Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1, however, one can be seen in the Visitor Funicular or Tram.
  • We could see that the vandals could destroy kiosks in Hello Neighbor 2 alpha 1 and these had a 3D Fire and some electric effects.
  • in the Patch 6 of HN2 They given a spawn location and they walk around Raven Brooks without any purpose as is not fully understood.




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